Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sew what?

Most people that know me well know that I do not consider myself a seamstress or even a person that sews. I've been known to use a lot of staples, safety pins and duct tape to repair a loose hem, the occasional hole in a pocket or an opened seam. My mother was a phenomenal seamstress so I never had to be!

Therefore, it is with great sense of irony (and a bit of surprise) that I am happy to share that I have a project and accompanying article included in the upcoming issue of  Sew Somerset.

I can't really say it without laughing nervously and didn't want to announce it until I'd actually seen it in print because I still can't quite believe it. But I have now seen it and it's real!

Whoooo knew I would be so excited about sewing?

This owl, unfortunately, did not make the cut but was necessary for the pun. You can see the deer, the rabbit and several others when the magazine hits the news stand (or your favorite book or craft store) on June 1st. 

Thank you to Natalie Way and everyone at Stampington for including me in this issue - as you can see I'm a little excited!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Prayer Flag Update

I was going to post my May prayer flag and realized I skipped posting a few of them along the way so this will be a prayer flag update post.

The theme for March was "Gratitude" with an inclusion of French Knots. For my painted version I made French knots around the edge of the heart. They are not perfect but they are passable enough to count.

I did a fabric version for March as well using bit and pieces of assorted vintage doilies, dresser scarves, lace and ribbon and stamped the word "Gratitude".

For April our theme was "Play" and the inclusion was ribbon. On my first flag I used acrylic paint and made assorted 'playful' marks and sewed several strips of sari ribbon across the bottom.

For my fabric version I used fabric strips from a garland I made for my daughter's bridal shower. I finished it with a mini garland stamped with the word " Play" and strung on a ribbon across the top.

Our May theme is "Imagine" and the inclusion is beads. Once again I started with more of a mixed media version. I used acrylic paint, markers and gel pen on the center piece and then stitched it to the flag with my sewing machine. I made the beads out of Sculpey clay and painted them with acrylic paint.

This brings me up to date with flag posting - thanks for looking!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mix It Monthly May challenge

Piarom has a monthly challenge called Mix-It-Monthly. I had gotten into a fun routine of playing along and then life got busy and I missed it for a few months and before long I forgot to return.

Well, this month I remembered to play along but can see I had a little struggle.

The challenge for May is to create something including a musical instrument, yellow paint and some numbers.

I made a journal page incorporating the 3 challenge items.

When she was done I thought she had the pointiest chin and largest cranium on a non-alien ever so I tweaked her a bit.

There, much better - now she just looks like the humidity has really flattened her otherwise perfectly coiffed hair! 

Face it - sometimes they turn out homely and that's alright. Most of the people you meet on the street are just average looking, So this is my homely average looking woman entry for the Mix It Monthly May challenge.