Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Monthly Challenges

March is coming in like a lion for us so am hoping it goes out like a lamb. In the meantime, while waiting for the winter to go away, I have been working on new monthly art challenges. I also joined a DeConstructed art journal group on Facebook.

The idea behind the deconstructed journals is that you sign up for a group of 5 players. You make an 8 x 8" page (which you fold in half) for each player and mail them to each individual. When you receive your pages from everyone in your group you can bind them in any way you want. This way there is no book to mail which saves on postage and saves on worry that you may not get your book back.

I combined 2 monthly challenges to make my deconstructed journal page. The Mixed Media Monthly challenge for March is "birds of a feather" and the Art Journal Journey challenge is "things with wings".


This is the view of the outsides of my page.

This is the inside of my page.

Join Mixed Media Monthly and Art Journal Journey from the links above.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

News to share

I am so happy to share that I have been included in the Spring 2015 issue of Somerset Apprentice. I am happy to share this honor with my friend Roc Nicholas and so many other mixed media artists that I have come to admire.

I have an interview in the "From the Pro" section (which I can't say with a straight face)  as well as a step by step tutorial of one of my index cards from Tammy Garcia's Index Card-a-Day challenge.

This magazine states it is a Mixed-Media for the Beginner publication however, I wouldn't let that stop you. There are enough articles, projects and step by steps that whatever your experience level you would find something of interest.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 sides to this story

For week 8 of the Documented Life Project we were challenged to use a repetitive shape. I tossed around a few ideas and settled on a triangle. I did not do a step by step with pictures this week, I just have the journal spread to share.

I started out with several different book pages which I cut into an assortment of triangle shapes. I glued them down with gel medium and then used a brayer to spread a bit of gesso with a few drops of Pthalo Blue Golden fluid acrylic paint.

The triangle-shaped trees are painted with acrylics and detailed with Sharpie paint pen and a gel pen. The woman has a triangle dress and a couple triangle-shaped wings and I finished with a top border of triangle shapes as well.

To finish I brushed a little Distress stain around all of the figures and then used a bit of pan pastel for shadows.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Documented Life Project - week 7

The Documented Life Project challenge this week is cover up the good stuff. That could be interpreted many different ways. I chose to write down my good stuff, my goals and dreams that I would never say out loud or leave out in the open for anyone to read.

To cover it up I used a little gesso, some Golden acrylic paint and a brayer.

While trying to think of what to do to finish the spread I thought about the things I had written. They might seem far fetched but we all need a dream, right? This made me think of the John Lennon song "Imagine" and it all came together.

you may say I'm a dreamer.... but I'm not the only one...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mix It Monthly - fabric challenge

This is a journal page that I made for Piarom's Mix It Monthly challenge which is "fabric" for February.

The page began as a page that I used to blot leftover color sprays from stencils. I kind of like the idea of leaving the white space. Usually I have a hard time not covering every square inch.

For the fabric part I used a piece of muslin that I'd used a while ago to practice image transfers onto fabric. I enhanced it a bit with ink and stitched around it a few times then glued it to the center. I took another muslin scrap and used Stazon ink to stamp the word "fly" and glued that as well.

Finally I finished the page with some marks and doodles.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

when enough is enough

The challenge for the Documented Life Project this week is "When Not To Stop" and the prompt is "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough". Sometimes when you're working on a journal spread it's hard to know when it is finished. You can just keep layering and layering; one thing leads to another and so on.

I thought this would be a good week to takes pictures of each layer as I went along. Here is a step by step of my spread for this week.

Step 1 - acrylics and gesso
I used these pages throughout the week for my leftover paint from other projects.

Step 2 - handmade stamps and black gesso

Step 3 - add papers and ephemera

Step 4 - stencils and color wash sprays
I got carried away with the pink spray - gesso to the rescue!

Step 5 - gesso to tone down and blend
Still a bit more pink than I'd wanted, but better than it was.

Step 6 - add image
I wanted to try doing a paint over and had this face in my stash.

Step 7 - acrylics, gesso and paint over face

Step 8 - details with pens and markers

Step 9 - add quotes and a bit more detailing

 I found this quote by rumi and it got me re-thinking the prompt. I could have just posted a selfie with the captions "I am already enough". But, since I already had the page this far by the time that idea hit me, I just added the words "you are enough" around her head.

As you go about your week remember - you are already enough!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

new journal pages

I finished 2 journal pages today for various online challenges.

The first one is for a monthly challenge at The challenge is "square".

I started with pages from a piano music that I use for leftover paint. I cut the pages into several different sized squares and then glued them to my page. Next, I painted the girl in the square and then finished with the detail work enhancing parts of the initial paper layer.

On the opposing page I had the same initial layer of squares but for this page I was focusing on this month's challenge at Art Journal Journey which is "Bird, Beasts and Humans". I chose birds and here is the page I came up with.

I did a bit of detail work at the bottom pulling images from the under layer similar to the opposing page with the girl in the square. Then I painted around the birds with black gesso and used a white pen to add a few doodles.

Thanks for stopping by!