Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another ICAD installment - week 7

Day 43 - A little whimsical fish using acrylics with black gesso - I am having fun with this style.

Day 44 - I used Dylusions sprays and white acrylic for the background on this one. For the focal point I used a scrap of sheet music,a bit of lace, vintage seam binding and a piece from a dresser scarf. The butterfly was in my ephemera stash and the button from my button bag.

Day 45 - A feeble attempt at monochrome - shades of green.

Day 46 - This is a collage of torn music papers with my end of the day paint smears and some dripping thinned out black paint. 

Day 47 - Acrylics and a bit of ephemera.

Day 48 - Acrylic background followed by a copy of a face from an old journal which was embellished with a crown, lace and some coloring. Finishing touches with pan pastels, inks, paint pen and tape.

Day 49 - Background started with a collage of an assorment of papers. Loose layer of gesso was then brayered over the top and followed with Adirondack color wash sprays. The face came to me first and I thought she ended up a little sarcastic looking so I searched for an odd quote and found this one by Steve Martin.

Hard to believe we are getting near the end of this project already. You can find out more information about it here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge week 6

Here is my week 6 of index cards for the Index Card-a-Day challenge hosted by Tammie Garcia at Daisy Yellow.

Day 36 - I was feeling a little sarcastic for some reason (OK, like usual) and found this quote that still makes me laugh.

Day 37 - I started out with a plastic card and several colors of acrylic paint for the background. Once I spotted the vague shape of the bunny I ran with it.

Day 38 - This was a play day with acrylics and a little spray color and finished with text from a book.

Day 39 - Again this began with acrylics for the background, the face came from that and then I embellished with paint pens and markers.

Day 40 - This began as an abstract but that just wasn't working so it became an assortment of flowers.

Day 41 - Once again I started with acrylics and a plastic card for the background but they were really bright. Somehow once I got going it became quite subdued. When this happens I always wish I'd have pictures of the various stages along the way. Anyway... once the girl and the ladder were painted I found this Rumi quote and it made me think of my mom and how much I still miss her and it was a perfect fit to finish the card.

Day 42 - This one, like the bunny, began with a background of some bright acrylics. I sketched the deer and added a few doodles and finished it off with black gesso.

This concludes week 6 - a little over 2 weeks to go. You can still jump in and play or find more information at

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge number 2

This is the second month of the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge and this month they've challenged us to use objects from around the house in a new way.

Some of the household items that I used are things that I routinely use anyway like that rubbery shelf paper that make great textures and the cover from an eyeliner pencil to make the small black circles. 

In addition to those I used text and the woman's face from a vintage magazine. The image was not colored but the paper was pretty thin and the text from the reverse side showed through more than I liked so I just did a paint over on her. I used a little strip of duct tape from my husband's work bench with more magazine text in the upper right section. Beneath the woman the colored circles are from the edge of some quilt fabric my daughter had used a few weeks ago (yes, I did scrounge through her trash)! The little pocket for my secret dreams is a toilet paper roll that I flattened and stitched on 3 sides and the pocket insert is a section of an old ruler from the junk drawer and had a dream written on the back. And finally, some of the final streaks and dots are made with the tines of a fork.

This was a fun challenge - looking forward to next month.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the ICAD challenge continues...

Day 29 - This started out with quite a colorful acrylic background but by the time she was finished most of it was painted over.

Day 30 - I used this card for a dual purpose. In addition to my ICAD for the day I used it for the new Mixed Media Monthly challenge which was to use spray inks. For this one I started out with a few areas of modeling paste. When dry I used several colors of color wash spray and the finished with a bit of white ink drips and gel pen detail.

Day 31 - Tammie shared a 1-staple challenge with us and that's how this started out. However, I ended up using a few staples before I was done. The base is a strip of vintage lace that someone gave me along the line, The scraps are from my leftover palette paint papers and finished with the cancelled postage stamp.

Day 32 - This card was on my work counter and I had cleaned off my brush on it a few times. I added some spray color and a bit of detail pen work then finished by stamping with "dream".

Day 33 - I struggle with white background so this is me trying really hard to embrace the white space (you wouldn't think it would be so difficult)! The woman image is from an old book, the postage stamp from an ATC trade somewhere along the way, pan pastel circles and paper scraps.

Day  34 - A little abstract in acrylics.

Day 35 - Another collage on an acrylic background. I used paper scraps, a cancelled postage stamp,wings that were included in happy mail at some point and since the wings made me think of travel I stamped the word "journey".

Thank you for checking out this week's index cards. If you would like to join the Daisy Yellow Index Card-a-Day challenge you can find all the information here.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Index Card Challenge - Week 4


                             This is Week 4 of the challenge which means summer is flying by.

Day 22 - fun with acrylics and a few doodles.

Day 23 - My peonies were in full bloom last week and I just couldn't get enough. I tried to paint a very close up view of them. The first layer is acrylics followed with a coat of glaze giving it a little bit more of a dimensional look.

Day 24 - A little folk art face in acrylics.

Day 25 - I started with some random splotches of acrylic paint and spotted this bunny waiting to come out.

Day 26 - Another stab at abstract usinig acrylics, Sharpie paint pens and a gel pen.

Day 27 - Started with gesso and color wash sprays followed a bird torn from a dictionary page, a bit of scrap paper, acrylic paint with a stencil and stamped letters.

Day 28 - An alarm clock done for no apparent reason! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Installment number 3

The Daisy Yellow Index Card-A-Day challenge continues.

 These are my cards from week 3.

Number 15 - playing with abstract and doodles.

Number 16 -  More of the same but I included color wash spray drips and paint pen details.

Number 17 - Abstract fun.

Number 18 - Intuitive abstract play.

Number 19 - This was going to be another attempt at an abstract but I kept being distracted by this partial face that I discovered .

Number 20 - This one started with a canceled postage stamp that I've been saving for just the right use. The rest is done with acrylics,charcoals and a bit of pen.

Number 21 -  Having a little fun with acrylics.

This concludes week 3 - more to come...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mixed Media Monthly

There is a new online challenge site called the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge blog. They issued their first challenge on June 1st and it is Spray inks and Mists.

I am also playing along with the Daisy Yellow Index Card-A-Day challenge so I combined the two and came up with this.

I started with a random coat of gess and then added some modeling paste in a few areas. While still wet I sprayed with Adirondack color wash sprays and Dylusions sprays. Details were done with Sharpie paint pen, ink,charcoal and pen.

Looking forward to the July challenge.