Tuesday, December 31, 2013

let me tell you

The big announcement has been made and I am delighted to share my excitement. I have made it on the design team for Roc Nicholas Rubber Stamps. I will be joining a great group of artists to represent the stamp line including:

Cathy Parmelee - http://pureoneimpressions.blogspot.com
Corrie Herriman - http://MadeByCHook.blogspot.nl
Gez Butterworth - http://gezzybscraftybits.blogspot.com
Jane Wetzel - http://anythingbutplainjane.blogspot.com/
Roc Nicholas - http://whatsuproc.blogspot.com/

Roc's stamps are available at www.stampotique.com.

My "Go tell it on the mountain" journal page uses Roc's Screaming Bunny stamp (a personal favorite).

I am relatively new to rubber stamping and am looking forward to using Roc's rubber stamps in my art journal and hope you will come back regularly to see my progress.

Friday, December 27, 2013

portrait challenge continues...

Number 21 - thinking about Christmas just around the corner
Number 22 - this was for a challenge on www.communitythrive.com with a theme of "Spirit".
Number 23 - My shades of blue girl using aquarelle pencils and Adirondack color wash inks.
Number 24 - the background on this is a collage of my leftover paint pages. The face looked pretty much like any other face so I jazzed her up with a few dots in her hair.
Number 25 - This is my tribute to snow. Now I'm ready for it to go away for another year!
Number 26 - I recently joined Teesha & Tracey Moore's new site "The Artsronaut Club". This is my version of an Artstronaut!
Number 27 - Moving on to an entirely different look - this is my take on a Raphael Madonna.
Number 28 - Another face done on a collage of my leftover paint pages.
Number 29 - Still working on hair issues (just like real life).
Number 30 - 3/4 of the way to the finish line.
Thanks for looking...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

portraits 11-20

If you are tiring of the portraits from the Gritty Jane 40 portraits challenge you might want to skip The Tin Goat for a few more weeks. I really want to finish the challenge so I am one-track minded right now.

Here we go...

Number 11 - this background was done by collaging pieces of my unused paint pages. I love the messiness of it.

Number 12 - My version of Frida
Number 13 - A face I found in the background.

Number 14 - another face with a collaged background. This one just happens to have bunny ears!
Number 15 - This face was inspired by the works of J. J. Grandville - Les Fleurs Animees .

Number 16 - I 'found' this girl and bird in the background - unfortunately for her I didn't find her chin!
Number 17 - This girl has a bit of a grunge feel to me. Not sure what my inspiration was for that!

Number 18 - Having a bad hair day!
Number 19 - I did some random stamping on one of the first layers of the background. You can just make out a bit of a butterfly on her neck so I thought she should have wings as well.

Number 20 - YAY, halfway!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

new computer and a few portraits

I spent a week without my laptop and came to realize how dependent I am on being 'connected'! It's almost a shame (notice I say almost).

My new laptop came with Windows 8 and I am not a real happy camper. My own fault; I should have done my homework before purchasing. I know I will get used to it in time and until I do will just have to be content with whining.

I have been doing more portraits for the Gritty Jane 40 portraits challenge.

Number 6 - I keep an old piano book near me when I am painting and any extra paint that I don't use I spread on a page. I cut up pieces from the book and used them for the background on this girl.
Number 7 - I painted her the day I put our Christmas tree up.
Number 8 - This gal was my portrait for the prompt "letting go".
Number 9 - I used some of my own foam stamps for this background.
Number 10 - I'm not exactly sure what inspired this one. I started out using Adirondack color wash spray with stencils and punchinella for the background and then just looked for a face to emerge from there. This is what happened - she scares me a little!
That's enough faces for one day - thanks for stopping by.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Design Team Call

Are you a rubber stamp lover? Then this post is for you. My friend, Roc Nicholas, is hosting a design team call for her rubber stamp line. You can find all the details on her blog here.

Roc's stamp line is available online at www.stampotique.com or just click here.

Check it out - you won't be sorry !