Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My art room got a facelift

After 3 years I finally gave my art room a cheery little facelift. I didn't realize quite how blah it was until I changed it.

Come on in for a little look!

 I moved in my Mom's old china cabinet and repurposed it to hold lots of journals, books, paints, etc.

The bunting valance was a little decoration I made for my daughter's bridal shower. It needs a few more strips tied on it (someday) but for now it's fine.
This is my counter space. Most of the time I stand while I'm working on something but with the 2 heights I have the option of sitting as well.

This brings us all the way around the room. It was a long couple of days getting it all painted and reorganized but I'm so happy I did it. It's cheerful and bright and I think I will be able to create happy art in this room. 
However we leave tomorrow to celebrate with our daughter as she marries the man of her dreams on Saturday but next week when we return home you can find me right here in this room!
I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day holiday (USA) and may you feel blessed and lucky to have know the loved ones you remember this weekend.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the 21 Secrets classes continue

The latest class that I finished from the 21 Secrets workshop was Carissa Paige's.

I liked the class and am striving to think less and just let things happen. I am getting better at it but not quite all the way there yet. I guess I'm a work in progress.

Anyway this is the spread that I did after her class. I used several of my own foam stamps on this spread which was fun. The flower around her eye is an outline of a bit of textured paper that was part of the first layer on the page.



Monday, May 6, 2013


I'm here with a quick post this morning before beginning my regular Monday morning housework routine to share a journal page inspired by a reading in church yesterday.

In Acts chapter 16 we learned about the conversion of Lydia. Lydia was a business woman who sold purple (not sure if that was fabric or dye, but purple for high society) in the market place.

She met up with Paul by a river where she was baptized. Later she invited Paul and his companions to stay in her home (sort of a home base from which to spread the word).

This is the beginning of my spread - in my mind I picture a sunny and bright, joyful day when they met each other.

Keeping in mind that Lydia sold either purple dye or purple cloth I painted up these pages to use for my images.

Using various sections from my purple pages this is what happened in my journal.
The river on the left is where she was baptized and became a Christian (the fish). Later, being a woman of some means she had a relatively large home and invited Paul and his entourage to come and stay there with her.
My truly simplified version of Acts 16:13-15.
Have a great week!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

more Secrets...

That is... more of the 21 Secrets class.

I have been having fun moving along at my own pace with these journaling classes. This week I've been working on the Hali Karla and Danielle Daniels lessons. I'm using a great journal that I made in Terri Kahrs' class for the work and have been using stamps made from Kate Crane's class.

This is my newest spread and is my take on the Danielle Daniels class.

I worked on a few pages after watching the videos for Hali Karla's class as well.
This first spread represents my longing for all the beautiful shades of green in Spring. Our winter has dragged on for months and I can hardly wait for the trees to start budding out and for the flowers to start poking through the dirt.
For these pages I used a few of the leftover paint chips that I have in my stash pile as well as the last few bits and pieces leftover from the previous spread.
While searching for just the right word for the page I came across "Inside" and it just felt right. Sometimes if I'm on a roll with my journals I close my eyes and imagine different color schemes. These are the ones seem to be the ones floating around inside my head lately.
It also makes me think about when the kids were little and I would say they need to use their 'inside voices'. I used my 'inside colors'.
Finally this little number - What Scares Me Most. I have a couple of ideas of things that I would like to try and am dragging my feet. Through these pages I'm trying to figure out what stops me. What am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that could happen if I try? What scares me most? Good thing there are a few more pages left in the journal to figure it out!
Thanks for stopping by.