Saturday, April 27, 2013

my third face in the world

Our round robin of faces continues. This is Penny Stewart's face as I received it.

I added lips and cheek color and she ended up like this.
She will go to Selva next week for the final touches and then back to Penny. We are nearing the end so the additions are getting a little harder. When I look at this one I imagine a mermaid so am anxious to see how Selva imagines her.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

everything is connected

Our Earth Day bottle swap is finished. This is the fun bottle I received in return from Roc Nicholas.

I had fun digging through all my new treasures. Among them is one of Roc's new stamps - stacked cups (you can see the top of it through the bottle). Roc's stamps are available at

Beside waiting for the postal carrier to deliver my bottle I've been working on several classes in the 2013 21 Secrets workshops. The latest one I'm taking is by Hali Karla. The first part of her class had us starting out with several blank papers and without over-thinking it start adding color using any meduim that felt right.

This is the stack of pages I ended up with using Hali's process. Before moving on to the next step, one of the pages (bottom right) was begging to be finished a little differently.

A few weeks ago in church one our readings was Psalm 30 and it's been on my mind ever since. This is my painting inspired by that Psalm.

In addition to be background created in Hali's class I also used a treasure from my Earth Day bottle from Roc. The little bird that my girl is holding is a sticker from Roc's original art that she included in my bottle. Everything is connected!
Thanks Roc for the bottle of goodies, thanks Hali Karla for the page inspiration, and thank God for JOY!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Save the Earth

I'm excited about a fun Earth Day swap that is coming up hosted by Terri Kahrs.

We are to fill an empty water bottle with a wide assortment of goodies for our partners. Once filled we duck tape it shut, glue the screw cap on tightly and then mail the bottle.

This is the assortment of goodies I included. Actually when I got to filling the bottle I managed to cram in a few more small trinkets into the open spaces.


This is my bottle ready to take to the post office to mail to my partner.
How will you commemorate Earth Day?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Face in the World

The Face in the World round robin continues...

This is Lizzy Love's face as I received it.

I added nose, lips and a bit of cheek color and shading around her eyes and will now send her on to Selva for her additions.

This is how she looks now. Can't wait to see the completed piece.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

21 Secrets

I joined the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop this year and am just getting started with the classes. I will share some of my progress here on The Tin Goat as I go along.

My first challenge was to figure out how to go about taking the classes. Do I take the ones that sound most interesting first or the ones by the instructors that I know more about or the ones that sound most familiar to the way I work? Decisions, decisions... In case anyone cares I've decided to go bottom to top, left to right!

So, my first class was with Tracey Verdugo. As part of this class i painted an abstract that will not be shared. Can you say "hot mess"? However, not to be discouraged - I will try another. I think I am too excited to try a little bit from each class so as I go back and take my time I'm certain I will have better results.

My second class was with Whitney Ferre  and it was about streaming doodles, spirit prompts, and symbol portals. I sort of combined these into my page and took pictures at various stages.

I closed my eyes, set my intention and just started scribbling. The green part was on the page when I started the pencil marks are my doodle. After looking at this from several different angles I ended up turning the journal upside down and started adding to it.

This is how it looked after some additional doodling and filling in a few of the areas. At this point I dug out the watercolor paints.

This is the completed page. As you can see I pretty much suck at water colors but that's OK - it's not about the quality of the painting technique. These are the colors I felt as I was working on the page.
To be honest I don't really now how much of this was intuitive and how much was wishful thinking. The discernment I was hoping to find was art-related (obviously) so I wonder if I was influencing the outcome for the answer I wanted. I'm sure I will get better with more practice. I will definately use this approach often.
You know that feeling you get every once in a while when an art piece or a journal page sort of takes on a life of its own and ends up nothing like you originally pictured in your mind but so much better? I believe using this approach could result in that as a common occurence. Those are always the best work so I will practice, practice, practice and see where I am guided from here.
I'm off to try something else for now.
Thanks for stopping by...