Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gluebook Round Robin - Book 1

In my previous post I mentioned the Gluebook Round Robin that triggered my Altered Renaissance journal. This week I received my first book from one of the other players. Here are the 3 pages i did for Annette's book with the theme of "imagine art".

This featured hand image is from Tumble Fish Studio and the quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. When I saw this quote I thought it was just perfect for Annette's 'imagine art' theme.

Of course I seem to gravitate to something zetti-ish. The light bulb always makes me think of bright ideas so perfect to stimulate your imagination. This light bulb is from Crowabout Studio at The legs, heart, arms and wings as well several border pieces are from Tumble Fish Studio and are available at as well. For the background I used some of my new Dylusions spray inks which was fun. I need a little more practice with them to figure out exactly how they will best suit my needs but having a ball figuring that out.

For this last page thank you to mixiepixie on flickr for the body and Terri Kahrs (Pringle Hill Studio) for the wings and hat. Hopefully the bright page will spur someone's imagination for art when they look at it.

Thank you, Annette, for trusting me to play in your book. I look forward to the next book that arrives in my mail box.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in a name?

I hadn't realized I'd neglected The Tin Goat for so long. I got sidetracked with a new project and was busy having a ball.

When I was a young kid I hated my name. It was so different and no one ever spelled it right (or at least my way of right). I wanted to be just like everyone. I knew lots of "Sue or Susans", several "Julies" and a couple "Pattys". The only other Renee I knew was a boy (Rene) and apparently he didn't like it either because he changed his to "Mike"!

Somewhere along the line I learned that Renee in French means reborn or born again. I didn't quite get the 'reborn or born again' part but was really excited that my name was French. So for a time (a very short time) I tried the apostrophe thing but that just seemed like too much work. I did however feel a little better now knowing that my parents didn't just make the name up to annoy me. It actually was their second attempt at naming me but that's a whole other story.

Perhaps it's because of my name that I am drawn to paintings from the Renaissance period. The portraits in particular really interest me. So when I was invited to play in a gluebook round robin recently I jumped at the chance and decided the theme for my book would be "Altered Renaissance". As I was prepping my pages and getting my book ready I got caught up in it myself and decided to keep it and work on it myself rather than send it off for the round robin.

This is the front cover. It is my first moleskine and I'm really having fun with it.

In my mind by altering the paintings they become a product of yet another renaissance. I suppose renaissance revival would be redundant! Anyway, this is the reason for my blog neglect, I've been caught up in the past.

I now embrace my name, and am OK with not being like everyone else. Unique is good! I'm thinking when I finish this journal maybe I will tackle my middle name in the next one. Let's see... things that rhyme with "Von".

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