Thursday, December 22, 2011

Effy's Book of Days - 2012

I am really loving Facebook. I'm still a relative 'newbie' there but I'm having a ball discovering so many new, interesting people and re-connecting with others not seen since high school (way back when).

I am an unashamed FB creeper and honest enough to admit it. I'll be reading someone's status and corresponding comments and find someone that sounds interesting so next thing you know I'm over on their page 'creeping' on them to read more. In my mind creeping is not creepy. I think it's a form of flattery that you find someone interesting enough to want to know more. I am more than happy to have anyone 'creep' on my page - stop in, stay awhile - i'll put the coffee on!

One of the new people I've found on FB is Effy Wild. Effy is wonderfully talented artist, a self-proclaimed mystic and all around amazing person. She is offering a free, year-long art journal/memory keeper class starting January 1, 2012 called Effy's Book of Days. What a huge and generous commitment!

I signed up for the class a few days ago and included with the welcome letter were 2 links to videos showing different journal options. I chose to alter a book (my first altered book) and got it finished this morning.

this is the front cover

and this is the back cover.

We are also to choose a word for the year. I chose the word "intention". I've never been a good goal setter but this past year have realized that by setting small goals and keeping my mind on them they are attainable. Like the quote on the back cover says "Our intention creates our reality". I intend to be a better artist and a better person in 2012.

Thank you Effy Wild for your generosity - I look forward to soaking up everything you share with us this year!

Thank you for stopping by...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

good bye my little friend

About 3 1/2 years ago we went to a pet store where we saw a little rat terrier in a cage. He didn't look like a young dog. The owner of the pet store knew little about him other than his name was Stubby and she thought he was around 6 or 7 years old.

We felt bad for the little guy but we already had 2 dogs and 2 cats so we just went about our business at the mall and went home. That evening it seemed every time I turned around my husband was standing right behind me worrying about that poor little dog. Finally after about the third time I said "what's your deal, do you want to go get him or what?"! Turns out yes, that's exactly what he thought we should do. So the next morning we were waiting outside the store when it opened and we brought poor little Stubby home.

That week he went to the vet where he had to have 18 teeth removed because his dental care had been so neglected. This along with the 10 teeth he was already missing left him with only 7 teeth but that didn't stop him from eating dog food, people food and tearing apart the occasional chipmunk or gopher.

Stubby and Wade quickly bonded. Stubby would spend hours sitting in the chair with Wade just staring at him (adoringly, I used to joke). We found out by accident that he liked to sing. He's got his own video on youtube titled Stubby howls. His favorite songs were Happy Birthday and Frito Bandito.

Lately we didn't have him do much singing because he had a collapsed trachea and when he sang too much it made him cough. About 2 weeks ago his cough got really bad. He sounded like a baby with croup - just a gut wrenching, whole body convulsing nasty cough. I brought him to the vet and turns out he had bronchitis and collapsed trachea. They gave him an antibiotic for the infection and prednisone for the trachea and his cough was cured. In fact he sounded better than he had since we got him. Now we just needed to taper back off the prednisone and maybe he could sing us a song again.

The prednisone made him so thirsty pretty much all he did was drink water and pee for 7 days but Sunday he quit drinking and didn't have much interest in eating. He was really lethargic so yesterday I brought him back to the vet. She stopped his meds and injected him with some extra fluids and said it could take a couple days for all the meds to work out of his system.

Dr. Trisha called today to see how he was doing. I told her he was pretty much out of sorts, not eating or drinking at all. She wanted to see him tomorrow morning to run some blood tests and see what else was going on.

I will have to cancel that appointment in the morning. Stubby died tonight. He was in bed with us, his breathing was a bit labored but not terribly so. He made a few hacking sounds and that was pretty much it. My husband & son were outside with flashlights digging a hole on the hillside through the frost at midnight. Sobbing...

Good bye my little friend - you will be missed


Friday, December 2, 2011

we get to go to a hockey game tonight

Attitude is so important in our lives. You can look at the glass half full or half empty, the choice is yours. Sometimes I forget and let my glass become half empty and need a little reality check. This week that reminder came from my 17 year old son, Zac.

Zac is a big hockey fan, especially the Minnesota Wild (being from Minnesota I guess that's only natural). He's not shy about sharing his enthusiasm for the team and not too proud to beg when it comes to something Wild related. For example, this summer my husband's boss played in a charity golf tournament with the Minnesota Wild players. As soon as Zac heard about it he asked Tom (Wade's boss) if he would get him an autograph from one of the players. Being 17 he  didn't realize that's probably not the first thing your dad wants you to ask of his boss.

Tom (being the classic Type A personality that he is) didn't stop at one autograph. He took the little commemorative wooden hockey stick shaped golf putter that each of the tournament players received as a thank you gift and tracked down each player there that day and got an autograph and gave it to Zac. Needless to say Zac was thrilled. To thank Tom for his kindness I painted this for him:

but I digress... back to my story

So the other day I told Zac that his dad and I had to go to a Wild game Friday night with Tom & his wife and a bunch of Dad's customers. Zac is about drooling that he doesn't get to go and says to me "Mom, do you realize how lucky you are? If it were me I would be saying 'I GET to go to a Wild game' but you say ' I HAVE to go to a Wild game'"!

I think Zac is right, I should be a little more appreciative that I get to go on a date night with my husband. We will get to spend the evening with Tom & his wife, Julie who are both such nice people.We get to go out for a great dinner before the game and we get to support a team that brings revenue and spirit to our state. Thank you Zac, I needed a little reminder in the attitude department.

If you are wondering where I am tonight - I GET to go to a Minnesota Wild hockey game. I'll be back online tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you GET to do something fun this weekend too!