Thursday, December 22, 2011

Effy's Book of Days - 2012

I am really loving Facebook. I'm still a relative 'newbie' there but I'm having a ball discovering so many new, interesting people and re-connecting with others not seen since high school (way back when).

I am an unashamed FB creeper and honest enough to admit it. I'll be reading someone's status and corresponding comments and find someone that sounds interesting so next thing you know I'm over on their page 'creeping' on them to read more. In my mind creeping is not creepy. I think it's a form of flattery that you find someone interesting enough to want to know more. I am more than happy to have anyone 'creep' on my page - stop in, stay awhile - i'll put the coffee on!

One of the new people I've found on FB is Effy Wild. Effy is wonderfully talented artist, a self-proclaimed mystic and all around amazing person. She is offering a free, year-long art journal/memory keeper class starting January 1, 2012 called Effy's Book of Days. What a huge and generous commitment!

I signed up for the class a few days ago and included with the welcome letter were 2 links to videos showing different journal options. I chose to alter a book (my first altered book) and got it finished this morning.

this is the front cover

and this is the back cover.

We are also to choose a word for the year. I chose the word "intention". I've never been a good goal setter but this past year have realized that by setting small goals and keeping my mind on them they are attainable. Like the quote on the back cover says "Our intention creates our reality". I intend to be a better artist and a better person in 2012.

Thank you Effy Wild for your generosity - I look forward to soaking up everything you share with us this year!

Thank you for stopping by...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

good bye my little friend

About 3 1/2 years ago we went to a pet store where we saw a little rat terrier in a cage. He didn't look like a young dog. The owner of the pet store knew little about him other than his name was Stubby and she thought he was around 6 or 7 years old.

We felt bad for the little guy but we already had 2 dogs and 2 cats so we just went about our business at the mall and went home. That evening it seemed every time I turned around my husband was standing right behind me worrying about that poor little dog. Finally after about the third time I said "what's your deal, do you want to go get him or what?"! Turns out yes, that's exactly what he thought we should do. So the next morning we were waiting outside the store when it opened and we brought poor little Stubby home.

That week he went to the vet where he had to have 18 teeth removed because his dental care had been so neglected. This along with the 10 teeth he was already missing left him with only 7 teeth but that didn't stop him from eating dog food, people food and tearing apart the occasional chipmunk or gopher.

Stubby and Wade quickly bonded. Stubby would spend hours sitting in the chair with Wade just staring at him (adoringly, I used to joke). We found out by accident that he liked to sing. He's got his own video on youtube titled Stubby howls. His favorite songs were Happy Birthday and Frito Bandito.

Lately we didn't have him do much singing because he had a collapsed trachea and when he sang too much it made him cough. About 2 weeks ago his cough got really bad. He sounded like a baby with croup - just a gut wrenching, whole body convulsing nasty cough. I brought him to the vet and turns out he had bronchitis and collapsed trachea. They gave him an antibiotic for the infection and prednisone for the trachea and his cough was cured. In fact he sounded better than he had since we got him. Now we just needed to taper back off the prednisone and maybe he could sing us a song again.

The prednisone made him so thirsty pretty much all he did was drink water and pee for 7 days but Sunday he quit drinking and didn't have much interest in eating. He was really lethargic so yesterday I brought him back to the vet. She stopped his meds and injected him with some extra fluids and said it could take a couple days for all the meds to work out of his system.

Dr. Trisha called today to see how he was doing. I told her he was pretty much out of sorts, not eating or drinking at all. She wanted to see him tomorrow morning to run some blood tests and see what else was going on.

I will have to cancel that appointment in the morning. Stubby died tonight. He was in bed with us, his breathing was a bit labored but not terribly so. He made a few hacking sounds and that was pretty much it. My husband & son were outside with flashlights digging a hole on the hillside through the frost at midnight. Sobbing...

Good bye my little friend - you will be missed


Friday, December 2, 2011

we get to go to a hockey game tonight

Attitude is so important in our lives. You can look at the glass half full or half empty, the choice is yours. Sometimes I forget and let my glass become half empty and need a little reality check. This week that reminder came from my 17 year old son, Zac.

Zac is a big hockey fan, especially the Minnesota Wild (being from Minnesota I guess that's only natural). He's not shy about sharing his enthusiasm for the team and not too proud to beg when it comes to something Wild related. For example, this summer my husband's boss played in a charity golf tournament with the Minnesota Wild players. As soon as Zac heard about it he asked Tom (Wade's boss) if he would get him an autograph from one of the players. Being 17 he  didn't realize that's probably not the first thing your dad wants you to ask of his boss.

Tom (being the classic Type A personality that he is) didn't stop at one autograph. He took the little commemorative wooden hockey stick shaped golf putter that each of the tournament players received as a thank you gift and tracked down each player there that day and got an autograph and gave it to Zac. Needless to say Zac was thrilled. To thank Tom for his kindness I painted this for him:

but I digress... back to my story

So the other day I told Zac that his dad and I had to go to a Wild game Friday night with Tom & his wife and a bunch of Dad's customers. Zac is about drooling that he doesn't get to go and says to me "Mom, do you realize how lucky you are? If it were me I would be saying 'I GET to go to a Wild game' but you say ' I HAVE to go to a Wild game'"!

I think Zac is right, I should be a little more appreciative that I get to go on a date night with my husband. We will get to spend the evening with Tom & his wife, Julie who are both such nice people.We get to go out for a great dinner before the game and we get to support a team that brings revenue and spirit to our state. Thank you Zac, I needed a little reminder in the attitude department.

If you are wondering where I am tonight - I GET to go to a Minnesota Wild hockey game. I'll be back online tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you GET to do something fun this weekend too!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Changing Seasons

The seasons are changing just like they do every year but this year, for some reason, I've been noticing a recurring color combination on some of the farms that I drive by on a regular basis.

I've been noticing the gray metal of outbuildings that are tinged with rust amid the leftover burgandy and green shades of the overgrowing vines and the fallen leaves. Not being a person that loves this time of year it really surprised me that I was so drawn to this color combination. But I've found 2 scribbled notes in my purse now with this same color scheme written down so rather than ignore it, I used the combination for the background of my latest painting.

My family is dealing with some personal decisions regarding what is best for our elderly mother (age 93) so it helps to think of this line from the song by Lauryn Hill "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me". Whatever you may be going through or may be coming up that you are not even aware of remember He watches over you too.

As always - thank you for stopping by


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

The remarkable Marcia (aka Tumble Fish Studio) has been at it again. Hot off the proverbial press and on sale today is the new "Freestyle 2" image kit. Here are a couple of my sample cut & paste pieces using the new images.


best in the world


Lots of new, fun images for your digital or cut & paste pleasure. See these sheets and more at

As always, i appreciate you stopping by - come again soon.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Girl

So I have to admit - Facebook really is a fun place to hang out. I was holding out on joining until just about a month ago and then finally succombed to the peer pressure. In this particular case it was not so much peer pressure as it was pressure from my kids who were sick of relaying messages to me from their Facebook friends. Now I don't know how I got along for so long without it.

I was reading posts in one of my groups the other day (Magically Mixed Art Community) and spotted a post from Amy McDonald in which she invited me (well anyone really) to come and watch her live mixed media portrait class. Never one to turn down a free invitation I went over to the classroom and, of course, wasn't there at the right time to catch the class LIVE but Amy kindly recorded the session so I was able to watch it at my leisure. She's been doing these live sessions for the past couple weeks and is currently sharing her altered book techniques - you should check it out here.

During one of the sessions Amy talked about Lynne Hoppe and how she admired her work and that Lynne shared her portrait painting technique on her blog. So off I went in search of Lynne Hoppe's blog. What a great place - you really should go spend some time there yourself. Lots of eye candy and inspiration and you can find it here.

While at Lynne's blog I was inspired by her tutorial on the way she paints her faces. I didn't end up using her exact technique because I didn't have all of the same supplies however I was inspired to do a face of my own and that's what mattered to me.

So... thank you Amy McDonald, Lynne Hoppe and, I guess, Facebook for inspiring me to this painting. Now I have to run because it's my turn to move on Words With Friends (on Facebook)!

Thank you for stopping by...


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

anything can happen...

Checking in for right now with a quick post of my new altered envelope for November. All of the images are from Tumble Fish Studio and most of them are from the new 'freestyle' image kit (available now at I have several more pieces to share from the new kit and will do so soon.

For now just remember...

anything can happen ...

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

what do I know for sure?

Fortunately I've learned a few things along the way on this journey of life.
Always wear clean underwear, look someone in the eye when speaking with them, the roll belongs with the tissue coming off the top not from the underside, and always keep a spray bottle of Downy wrinkle release handy. But I think the most important truth that I have learned is that everything happens for a reason.

We may not always understand it right away or even like the way things turn out. It may take days, weeks or even years sometimes before we can look back and realize that there was a higher plan as to the way something occurred. But the reason was there whether obvious or not.

I also feel like if we are honest with ourselves we will admit that it always works out for the best and highest good. We may not have been hoping for an outcome or liked it at the time but rest assured it was the best way.

Why the sudden burst of introspection, you ask? This was our prompt for Roc's monthly journal group "what is one important thing you've learned in your life"? You can join the group or see other interpretations for this prompt here.

All images used for these journal pages are from Tumble Fish Studio and are available at

Thank you for stopping by today...


Thursday, October 13, 2011

slightly sinister ... who me?

Anyone who really knows me knows that my life is pretty much an open book (mainly because I never know when to shut up). The slightly sinister I refer to in the title is a new image kit released by Tumble Fish Studio at Here are a couple pieces I made from this new kit.

I like the irony of making a happy piece from a 'sinister' kit with this first one:

Then I had a little fun with the bird and probably started heading a bit more in the 'sinister' direction.

Finally I just had a little fun on the dark side:

Whether you lean to the bright side or 'sinister' side I appreciate you stopping by today and hope you find the time to check out The Tin Goat again soon.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few New Pieces

Today I thought I would share a few pieces I've done using the new Tumble Fish Studio kit "Greg's Anatomy".

The first piece is a 4 x 6" or postcard size:

Next is a sweet little guy literally wearing his heart on his sleeve and carrying a female reproductive system flower - who could ask for anything more?

And finally you may remember my latest addiction, the altered envelope:

If you would like to see more of the "Greg's Anatomy" kit or any of the other wonderful kits by Tumble Fish Studio go to and have a look.

Thank you for stopping by...


Friday, September 30, 2011

Mixed Media Mayhem = fun, fun, fun

I've been busy the last couple of weeks taking an online class with Roben-Marie called Mixed Media Mayhem. I finished the coloring part of my last page several days ago and just about have my hands clean now - it's been so much fun. In case you are interested you can sign up for the class here:

Here are a few of the pages I'm working on:

I still need to complete the finishing touches on the pages but that can be an on-going process as I journal on them. There is a little bit of sewing involved and everyone knows I HATE to sew! But the little bit of sewing in this journal is well worth the effort.

I am having fun just paging through and getting lost in the colors on each page and the texure almost feels like a well-worn leather - I love it!

Of course if you know me at all you know I can never do anything without taking it to excess. This holds true for these pages. I made more than enough pages to make a second journal so with one of the extra folders I made it into 4 small journals that turned out kind of cute I think. With the holidays coming up I'm hoping people at the shop will think they would be good gifts. Here's how they turned out:

Now I need to go clean up my mess so i can move on to the next project for the day. Hmmm, what will it be... gratitude journal, prompt journal, crowabout, monthly challenges, maybe a little nap :)

Thank you for stopping by!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Seems like life has gotten extremely full lately. First of all I've started yet another art journal. This one is my Gratitude Journal. This journal was prompted by Terri Kahrs (Pringle Hill) who had the thought that "sometimes we get so caught up in so many things that are going wrong in our lives, we forget to focus on the little things that make our lives pleasant". This is my first entry in my gratitude journal:

Of course like everyone I am grateful for my family and friends. I've spoken of my family from time to time and I imagine in the future will elaborate more on the different groups of friends as well but for today I wanted to focus on a couple of the other gratitude items on my list.

First of all I am excited about renting a space at an art/antique shop downtown. I am still working on the layout of my booth so pictures to come soon but I think it is going to be a fun experience. The building is from the 1800's and comes complete with several spirits and tons of character. If you find yourself in the Sauk Cetre, MN area make sure to stop at Main Street Gallery. The gallery is right dowtown on the original Sinclair Lewis' Main Street and right across the street from the world famous haunted Palmer House hotel.

Secondly I want to thank Marsha from Tumble Fish Studio for inviting me to join her Creative Team so expect to see lots of Tumble Fish images coming this way. Here is one of the first pieces I completed for the CT. I submit this for my first participation to the Sunday postcard challenge (here)  last week for the theme of "pink". Thank you Marsha for your vote of confidence.

Finally for today I want to say "Congratulations" and "Best Wishes" to our niece, Danielle and her new husband, Cory who got married this past Saturday. I wish you many years of happily ever after :)

I guess that's it for today but would like to finish as the post started with a reminder to develop your Attitude of Gratitude.

Thanks for stopping by...


Thursday, September 8, 2011

what moves me?

the journal prompt from roc for this month is "what quote moves you in your everyday life".

I have several quotes or affirmations that move me so I just had to decide between sarcastic or serious. This quote by Erma Bombeck is probably the one that I think of most often. While I'm losing time in my art room when I should be doing some necessity (vacuuming, dusting, etc) I remind myself that life is short and I don't want to waste any of the gifts God gave me.

This piece sort of serves a dual purpose. The unspoken (yet implied) motivational quote for the page is "always be the brightest bulb in the box"! 

I hope you are using all of your talents. Thanks for stopping by...


image credits for this piece:
borders & butterfly, NOW - Tumblefish Studio
borders & legs - Nancy Baumiller
wings - Pringle Hill Studio
head - land of nod
"destination unknown" - Norma Frances
seagulls - iHanna

Saturday, September 3, 2011

my latest addiction

Today I want to share a glimpse of my latest addiction, the altered envelope. I fought the urge to try it for a long time but in June I caved in. I was right - I am hooked!

 I wish I'd have taken a few pictures of the process along the way just to show all the different layers on this. First I got carried away with my Adirondack sprays so I spread a thin layer of gesso over the top to tone it down a bit. That was perfect and once dry I went back with a pen and outlined some of the original stencil shapes to re-define them. I also used some acrylics on shelf liner to add a splotches in a few areas and finishing touches with some paint pen and pan pastels.

Image credits to Tumblefish Studio for the flowered borders, the hand, and the words. Thanks to the chinese restaurant downtown for the fortunes (and the tasty cookies they came from). USPS stamps and crow was a copy from a journal page I did a while ago.

It is so much fun to get pretty mail along with the bills in your mailbox - you should try it :)

Thanks for stopping by...


Saturday, August 27, 2011

patina grandma

First of all I want to thank Mary Nasser for inviting me to her art blog hop. If that's how you ended up here today - thank you as well! If you arrrived here via some other method click the button on the right to check out some of the other players in the
 Art Blog Hop and treat yourself to some eye candy and inspiration.

Now about Patina Grandma - I started my third Strathmore Visual journal yesterday and wanted to share.

I love the illustrations by Ch Geoffroy and when I saw this one on the left I immediately thought of my husband's grandparents' wedding picture. I see so many similarities between Grandma and the woman in the illustration: her long neck and long nose, hairstyle, veil style, their expressions, and posture to name a few. So that's where the imagery came from.

As I was digging through my stash I found the plastic slide that I treated with a faux patina finish a long time ago and decided that would work. When I found the Webster's definition of patina I knew I had to use it because Grandma, like patina, grew more beautiful with age. I can only guess at that last statement since I didn't meet her until she was 83 but I was blessed to know her for 16 years and in my eyes she only grew more beautiful in her looks, her faith, and her kindness.

Back to the journal page - it is done using acrylic paints, gesso with punchinella and some edging with charcoal pencil and inks. Thank you for stopping by and may you become a beautiful patina as you age as well.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

no butterflies

We have a niece getting married next month (congratulations Danielle & Corey) and I went home for a bridal shower last weekend. I had a great time spending the day with my sisters-in-law. On my drive back home however, thinking back on the day, I was getting so teary-eyed I just about had to pull over and slap myself silly.

In looking back over the years it seems we all sort of went our own way. We spread out in 4 different directions and each got busy with our own lives, children, jobs, etc. Now however, the kids are growing up and starting lives of their own; jobs have come and gone; and it seems like we've come full circle. 

I think as we've grown and learned a few life lessons over time we've come to realize how much we've missed being with family. But like the saying goes "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies". Talk to someone in your family today :)

Thanks for stopping by...


Friday, August 12, 2011

something new...

You know how you can be going along on your own merry path and all of a sudden you get a wrench in your gears and things go a whole different direction?

My mom, who some of you know is 93 years old and still living alone, was pretty sick this past week. I think it's been coming on for a long time but finally came to a head on Saturday. She'd fallen during the night and had lost 8 pounds in 3 days. My brother and his wife took her to the ER where they put her on IV fluids for several hours, diagnosed a UTI and said she could no longer live alone and we needed to contact a nursing home. Not the news any family wants to hear.

I brought her home with me to recuperate a bit and to give her time to accept the fact that she cannot be on her own any longer. We would have her move in with us but she doesn't want to stay here because all of her friends are 125 miles away. Plus we have 3 dogs and we are messy folk!

Well, feisty woman that she is - the antibiotics have kicked in and she's doing better than she's been in months. She's bound and determined to get back to her apartment. She's making maple frosting for long johns right now and asked if she could clean my stovetop after dinner tonight. I said "heck yes and here's the windex so you can do the windows too"! jk

My siblings and I admire her spunk and yet are often frustrated by it. We caved... she is going back to her apartment tomorrow morning with the understanding that she has to eat, drink and take her meds  every day as well as wear her life alert pendant at all times. Any setbacks and a nursing home will have to be the next step. We're hoping it will work out for her.

So while mom has been here I've not been able to work in my art room so worked on an art journal page from my kitchen table. I thought the easiest thing to use would be water color pencils. I quickly learned that I suck at watercolor so pulled out my acrylics, pan pastels and oil pastel crayons to finish the project. That's fine though because now I know that watercolor is not for me but at least I tried something new.

What about you?

try new things

               thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

for the birds...

My bird journal was returned from Stampington the other day. 2 of the pages are in the current issue of Art Journaling magazine but I thought I would share a couple more here.

I will start with the front cover. This started out as a piece of thin cardboard cut from an old gift box. After several layers and a few different techniques it's been tranformed into this:

The letters are made from sculpey clay, alphabet stamps, acrylic paints, inks and glossy accents.

I won't post every page from inside but I will share a couple of my favorites ....

and lastly, you can't forget those beautiful (yet sometimes contrary) blue jays

I hope you will take some time today to notice the birds around you and, as always, 
 thank you for stopping by .....

Monday, July 4, 2011

a fun treat in the mail this week

I was excited this week when I received my complimentary copy of Somerset Art Journaling in the mail. I had 2 pages from my bird journal published in this edition - my first time in this publication.

More exciting is that my friend Terri Kahrs has a wonderful 5 page article in it as well filled with lots of eye candy and talk of vivid color - it's great! Fun to share the experience...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

stars and stripes forever

As we celebrate this 4th of July holiday weekend I'm thinking about our service men and women that are not celebrating with their families this weekend because they are serving our country.


Heartfelt thank you to all of our military men and women. Both those currently serving as well as to all those gone before.

Monday, June 27, 2011

just play...

Yesterday no matter how hard I tried to work on a challenge or a swap I just kept wandering back to that orange page I had prepped in my journal. Finally I gave in and had a blast. Using techniques from Mystele's Gut Art class and various artists' tips and techniques I just played...

I highly recommend it - let yourself play today!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrating ...

Don't you just hate it when people "toot their own horn"? Me too but I'm about to do it anyway...

It's been so long since I've made a blog post but I am feeling excited about my upcoming anniversary. On Tuesday, June 21st I will be celebrating 1 year of quitting smoking. For the first time in 30+ years I feel like I can call myself a non-smoker.

I never thought this was even possible but with the help of Chantix it was! Woo Hoo!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bird's Nest Soup

I don't think this is quite what they mean when they say "Bird's Nest Soup", just my feeble attempt at humor. Several years ago I bought  a large basket full of mismatched pieces of silverware. I always had good intentions of making wind chimes or something clever with them but, of course, never did. I recently joined an altered cutlery swap so finally got to dig into my basket. Now I don't feel like it's been a waste of time to have dragged it around for years - YAY!

As I was rummaging through the basket this ladle kept coming to the top of the pile so I figured that must be the piece to play with. What a perfect setting for a little bird's nest.

I cut several types of papers into strips and used them to cover the ladle - sort of like when a bird is scavenging for building supplies. There are a few feathers, some ribbons, and some cheesecloth mixed in with the paper strips.

The wings are made with sewing pattern tissue, wire & gel medium. The "joy" embellishment in the center is made with sculpey and painted with acrylics and inks.

The nest is filled with little eggs and a little bird all made with Sculpey Pluffy. This is the first time I've used this type of modeling clay and I will definately use it again. It's very pliable, easily manipulated by hand without getting sore knuckles. I think it may be a bit lighter weight than the original sculpey as well but with these little pieces that really isn't an issue.

I'm so happy to have been able to use something from my treasure basket and so happy to have you stop by to take a look. Come back any time ...


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my first altered envelope

My friend, Roc, has so inspired me with her amazing altered envelopes that I finally broke down and altered one myself. I've been fighting the urge for so long because I was afraid I would really enjoy it and the last thing I need is yet another obsession. However, today I couldn't fight it any longer...

This is my first attempt at an altered envelope. The theme this month is "artist's choice" so I used the background technique by Roben-Marie Smith from the May/June Somerset Studio.

This is a really fun technique. There are so many layers involved that I can't even remember how it looked in the early stages. By the time I was finished with the envelope I had a rainbow of colors on my hands - it was awesome!

I had fun jazzing up the envelope too so I imagine you will be seeing a few more along the way! I have a feeling they're like potato chips - you can't stop at just one :)

Thanks for stopping by...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

my baby is growing up

My son, Zac (my baby) went to Prom a couple weeks ago. His date is one of the foreign exchange students at his school. He's turning into a young man so quickly, right before my eyes.

I remember as a child it used to drive me crazy when the older people would talk about time passing so quickly, where did the time go, this year passed by so fast, etc. Now that I'm one of the old ladies I see exactly what they meant!

It seems like only yesterday we were taking our family vacation road trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I remember thinking we were having such a great time stopping at the Corn Palace, Wall Drug and then ultimately Mt Rushmore. Wow, I thought - creating such wonderful memories. It wasn't until several years later (years which flew by) that I was proofing my daughter's creative writing paper when she was in college and realized the kids had an entire different perspective of that vacation than Wade & I did. They recalled hours and hours spent in the car fighting with each other over who had to sit on the hump in the middle. They saw the Corn Palace as alot of vegetable bits glued on a building. They thought the badlands were great but went on way too long. The highlight of the trip for my daughter was when the snake at the conservatory was dangling directly over my head unbeknownst to me.

I digress (another thing that happens right after the time flies past)! To me it seems like Zac was just a little colic baby screaming for hours and hours on end and now he's become this not-so-little young man that makes me so proud.

Thanks for stopping by.....


Monday, April 25, 2011

and the winner is .....

Thank you to all who left a comment to enter my Grand Blog Opening giveaway. My daughter helped me draw an egg yesterday and the winner is #14 - Sherry. I will get your package in the
 mail this week Sherry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paper Flowers

The multi-talented Ange Lee has graciously shared instructions for making these pretty paper flowers. You can find the tutorial (along with lots of other tutorials and eye candy) on her blog here -

I used assorted sizes of circles to make these and love how they turned out. I may tip them with a little glimmer mist to give them a bit of shimmer and color - not sure yet.

They seem very romantic to me which I  know is not at all my usual style - whoda thunk! I may have to try another batch with bright colors and try to funky them up a little too!

On another note - check your pets for wood ticks. I was so surprised yesterday when we found many deer ticks on our dogs. The snow has barely melted and already the ticks are out. I thought it was way too early but apparently not.

Lastly - don't forget to leave a comment under the grand blog opening giveaway post below to be entered in the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by ...


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grand Blog Opening Giveaway

Just like a new department store I thought it would be fun to have a grand opening here on my blog. Welcome to  "The Tin Goat grand blog opening giveaway".

I HAD to go to a craft store today for some 4 x 6" flat canvas panels that I couldn't live without (you know how it is). Well, they didn't carry that size but I got tons of other things that I also couldn't live without. I really like K & Company ephemera and scored well today so thought I'd share it with someone in blogland in the form of a grand blog opening door prize.

Grand blog opening giveaway

Just leave a comment to let me know you were here and 2 weeks from today when my family is home for Easter we will pick a winner.

As always - thanks for stopping by :)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ Early April Fool's Joke ~

I only wish it were just an early April Fool's prank but unfortunately, it is not. I look out the window as I'm typing this to see the snow gently falling. It actually looks quite pretty and indeed would be pretty... in December! At least the weather forecast is for 50 degree days coming up so the snow will melt soon.

I got my monthly calendar journal finished on time this month so will share that today.

We love to color Easter eggs at our house. Usually I boil 5 or 6 dozen eggs and we try several different dye kits as well as experiment with regular household items (rubber bands, fabrics, q-tips, etc) so of course that would be reflected in my calendar this month.

I'm really looking forward to Easter this year because our oldest daughter is bringing her boyfriend home to meet us for the first time.

Alot will be riding on this meeting ... Will he dig in and color eggs? How will he feel about searching the house for his Easter basket? What about the plastic egg hunt? Oh and of course is he nice to our daughter, that will be a big question as well! Don't worry - I will keep you posted :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Did someone say Spring?

We've had the official 1st day of Spring but when I look out the window it's still pretty much white. We had a snowstorm with school closings 2 days ago that brought several inches of new ground cover. Everywhere you go people are saying "enough already" but that doesn't seem to make it go away any quicker! At least we are safe from flooding in our area so I shouldn't complain.

Part of the reason I'm so anxious (aside from warm weather, sunshine, flowers, smiling people, etc...) is because I got my husband a pair of binoculars for Christmas to use for bird watching. Yes, I said bird watching - I know, we're getting old and boring! Last summer was the first summer in this house and we had so many birds that we'd never seen before that we started keeping a list. We're both ready to start our new list.

 The next best thing (in my mind anyway) is to create my own songbird. This little page is for a monthly bird journal challenge. This month's theme is "home sweet home".

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and may all your birds be singing (unless you're trying to take a nap)...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Animal People, what are animal people?

I've gotten really hooked on art journals lately. In the beginning I was too intimidated to even think about starting one. Then I got to thinking that it's my journal and I can do whatever I want to with it. Now I can't seem to stop!

I have a monthly calendar journal, monthly prompt journal, monthly bird challenge and zetti challenge journals. The calendar and prompt journals are books that I work in and they stay with me. The bird challenge and the zetti challenge are individual pieces that get traded so after a few months I will have a wonderful collaborative journal with these returns. In addition to these I have a couple journals from on-line classes that I've taken, a composition book journal, a quote journal and most recently my new Animal People journal.

It all started with a rabbit and has (of course) become an obsession since then.

I have a few animal people done (posted on flickr) and a few in the beginning stages as well as a few still residing in my head. I have a journal cover made for them but haven't quite figured out how to mount them in it. Once I get that part figured out I will share a picture of the whole piece.

Be on the lookout for  other animal people. Word on the street is that they're friendly but you never know when one may go bad!

Thanks for stopping by - come again when you're able

Monday, March 14, 2011

Live Out Loud

Jade Adams ( is hosting a swap for a zetti journal page on black background. She has done an entire black journal which is total eye candy -  you can see pictures on her flickr. Here is my page which pretty much sums up the way I live my life - OUT LOUD! Often times this "out loudness" gets me in trouble but no matter how much I remind myself to think before I speak I seem to forget. I guess that means when we talk you'll get my honest initial reaction so don't ask unless you want to hear it :) Have a great week and try it - LIVE OUT LOUD