Friday, June 3, 2016

Mix It Monthly for June

Q: What is orange, drips and has fish all over?
A:  This month's challenge for Piarom's Mix It Monthly

I had so much fun with this month's challenge that I played twice!

My first journal page started out with a lot of acrylic paint and spray colors. When it was starting to dry I scraped over the whole page with a plastic card and then buffed with a paper towel.

After the scraping and buffing I saw what looked to me like flowers and turned it into this bouquet. For the "fish" part of the challenge I added the fish skeleton in the flower water. By the time I was finished I'd painted over all my dips so finished the page with new drips of yellow India ink.

My second journal page started out much the same as the flower page but instead of painting over the background I highlighted the shapes and did a lot of doodling. Again, I lost most of the original drips so added the white ones at the end.

 Thank you Piarom for another fun challenge. You can play along yourself by clicking here.


  1. I am totally thrilled about your two inspired pieces!! So different and both totally brilliant! Hard to say which one I love the most ;) ♥ Conny

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  3. Very interesting technique you used for this two wonderful pages! Super idea to take the skeleton of the fish - the flowers seem to be a little deadly for a fish?
    The second picture I like much, because I feel the fun you had while making it!

  4. What a wonderful pair of creations and what a clever process to invent. Sometime those just-by-chance processes turn out to be our favorites. Love your flowers. They are my kind and are great. Your fish are wonderful, too. Such a nice post. genie

  5. How fun and creative the fish in the flower water is and I love the drips on the second fish art!


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