Tuesday, April 26, 2016

21 Secrets Tools & Techniques

This Spring brings yet another amazing season for the 21 Secrets class. I've enjoyed several of the classes already and am only about halfway through.

Today I finished my project from the Susie LaFond class which involved much sewing. A couple years ago I would have skipped right over this class but, alas, I did it because, contrary to my former belief - I can sew!

For the class, Susie taught us to make a portfolio style journal. The videos were great, showed exactly what to do and how to do it. I had to tweak mine a little because I thought it would be a good idea to use sari ribbon instead of fabric.

First of all, my wad of sari ribbon took hours of ironing, which is not my favorite thing. Also the ribbon is very flimsy so after I got the first side stitched I had to add something to the inside to make it a little firmer. Not being savvy about these things I used burlap which worked out alright but in one spot it stretched (oddly) so I had to make a creative pocket to cover that little oops.

For my inside pockets I couldn't decide what kind of fabric to use with the ribbon and ended up deciding on painted muslin. This would all be fine but I don't like the colors I used to paint the fabric so I may change that up a bit yet.

In the video you will see the pocket on the right side that is a fold over of the back cover - that is to hide the spot where the burlap was showing at the top and I'm OK with that.

This was a fun class and I think it would be fun to use this technique to make other things as well. 

Thanks for the lesson, Susie!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Find your tribe...

The prompt in the Colour Me Positive weekly challenge group for this week is by Danielle LaPorte - "Find your tribe. Love them hard".

As I was tossing around ideas of  how I wanted to do my journal page this week I was really moved by the shared mourning and outpouring of love and respect by all of the fans mourning the death of Prince this week.

I don't know how it's been in other parts of the county (or world) but of course here in Minnesota there's been quite a bit of local news coverage and there seems to be a united sense of loss. Along with that has been such gratefulness for the mark he made on the music industry in Minnesota as well as the millions of memories people have shared about him or how he marked an event in someone's life.

Prince's life was a perfect example of the quote. He'd found his tribe of fans and they certainly loved him hard. I would assume he felt the same toward all of them or he wouldn't have been able to keep doing what he spent his life doing.

I sort of incorporated bits of that emotion into my page this week. My original intent was to depict a woman with bright facial markings, jewelry and adornments. I switched it up with a nod to Prince into shades of purple with a few drops of purple rain in the upper corner.

 Find your tribe. Love them hard.