Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and a Bit of News

I've been having a great time with this year's 21 Secrets. I will share my take on several of the classes starting with the Juliette Crane class. Juliette's class was about painting a whimsical owl as well as giving tips and techniques for other whimsical animal characters.

My niece, Sarah, works on a pig farm and loves all of her little oinkers so I painted this postcard and sent it to her for Earth Day

.After the pig I came up with a cow, a chicken and a sheep (sounds like the start of a bad joke). These pictures make both pieces seem the same size however they are not. The pig postcard is 4 x 6 " and the journal is just oveer 8 x 11". 

Anyway, as you can see I have not painted a whimsical owl yet but I will at some point. I liked Juliette's teaching style very much and I really enjoyed this class. I look forward to many more whimsical animals to come.

In addition to having fun playing 21 Secrets this week I also had a fun mail day. Yesterday I received my copy of the May/June Somerset Studio and am happy to say I am included in this issue.

Pick up your copy when they hit the store shelves May 1st.


  1. LOVE your menagerie, Renee! The porker is a "killer"!!! I'm really loving your new creative wings!!! Congrats on your latest inclusion!!! Sending hugs! ♥

  2. I just love seeing my ArtSister & her drab art in my SS magazine! You rock, Renee!!

  3. love the whimsical nature of your animals...and congratulations on publication

  4. love the whimsical nature of your animals...and congratulations on publication

  5. Love love love your whimsical pig sooo much all your art is gorgeous! Congratulations on being published!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I was introduced to your fun work in the March/April Somerset Studio. I fell in love with your Snarky Tiny Journal!!! 😃 Can you tell me where I can find the tiny spiral binder you used? I'll be on the lookout for your next projects!

    1. Thank you, Diana - I'm so glad you liked it. For the journal I just used tags that I have in my stash and used a Zutter binder to bind them. You could easily connect them from the other end with a metal ring or since they aren't that big I think you could punch small holes and use a section of spiral binding from an old school notebook and thread it through. Make sure and tag me or something if you make one yourself, I would love to see it <3


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