Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 sides to this story

For week 8 of the Documented Life Project we were challenged to use a repetitive shape. I tossed around a few ideas and settled on a triangle. I did not do a step by step with pictures this week, I just have the journal spread to share.

I started out with several different book pages which I cut into an assortment of triangle shapes. I glued them down with gel medium and then used a brayer to spread a bit of gesso with a few drops of Pthalo Blue Golden fluid acrylic paint.

The triangle-shaped trees are painted with acrylics and detailed with Sharpie paint pen and a gel pen. The woman has a triangle dress and a couple triangle-shaped wings and I finished with a top border of triangle shapes as well.

To finish I brushed a little Distress stain around all of the figures and then used a bit of pan pastel for shadows.


  1. Very nice use of the triangle repetition theme. I like the trees and the woman's triangle dress, very clever.

  2. wonderful journal spread! great repeating pattern idea to use!


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