Friday, January 9, 2015

Art chain Days 2 and 3

The Art Chain challenge continues. For Day 2 I chose to share an altered Altoid tin that I made a few years ago.

I used a 2-step process to age the tin and the embellishments give them some patina. The wings were made of wire covered with sewing pattern tissue and I covered the head with several coats of triple glaze spray.

For Day 3 I am sharing a couple of journal pages. This is a spread from my Altered Renaissance journal. It is fairly self explanatory - I used several different text papers and map bits for the background. The tree on the left is a section of page from a childrens' book with a chip board bird and the one on the right is just a sketch. 

Stay tuned for 2 more days of Art Chain. If you remember from my last Art Chain post I am to nominate a person each day so if you would love to share 5 days worth of your art please let me know and I will nominate you as well.


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