Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I worked on a journal page today that will apply to several challenges.

The challenge at Piarom's Mix It Monthly is vintage colorblocking and the Mixed Media Monthly challenge is New to You. I've never tried colorblocking before but the examples and submissions for the month are really fun so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

After I finished the colorblocking for the background I didn't care for it at all so I brayered India ink over the entire page and then brayered a little white gesso in a few areas. One of the challenges at Community Thrive this month is to use a brayer so that worked out well.

I was liking the page a bit more by this time but still unsure which way to go with it so I glued an assortment of text page bits in the center and then decided to go with a face for Tracy Scott's 100 faces challange on Facebook.

This was a fun practice page. I will try colorblocking again maybe with larger sections or different color combination next time.

UPDATE - thank you so much to Susi Von Froebelstemchen for letting me know about your Art Journal Journey challenge. I am greatly inspired by Modigliani and will add this journal page to the Master's challenge at there.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Art chain Days 2 and 3

The Art Chain challenge continues. For Day 2 I chose to share an altered Altoid tin that I made a few years ago.

I used a 2-step process to age the tin and the embellishments give them some patina. The wings were made of wire covered with sewing pattern tissue and I covered the head with several coats of triple glaze spray.

For Day 3 I am sharing a couple of journal pages. This is a spread from my Altered Renaissance journal. It is fairly self explanatory - I used several different text papers and map bits for the background. The tree on the left is a section of page from a childrens' book with a chip board bird and the one on the right is just a sketch. 

Stay tuned for 2 more days of Art Chain. If you remember from my last Art Chain post I am to nominate a person each day so if you would love to share 5 days worth of your art please let me know and I will nominate you as well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Art Chain

    I was recently nominated by my friend, Cindy Ashplant, (www.plantslist.blogspot.com)  to join the Artchain.

    Artchain is a great way to bring your art to the attention of others. The idea is that you post your art 5 days in a row on Facebook and each day you also nominate someone else to do the same. I am not good about nominating other people to do things like this so I will just say if you feel so inclined and want to share more of your art with others jump in and join the fun. Make sure to leave a note in a comment so I can head over and see your work too.

    So without further ado here is the first piece I would like to share. 

    This is an exploding box that I made as part of a Misty Mawn class last year. It was recently published in the January/February issue of Somerset Studio magazine. I thought I would share a few pictures for Artchain.

    This is a view of the inside of the box when opened up. A few close ups of  individual pages can be seen on my instagram.

    If you would like to be nominated or just want to share 5 days in a row of art that you have made please leave a note in the comments so I can make sure to come and see what you've shared.