Thursday, July 31, 2014

My ICAD finale...

The 2 month Index Card-a-Day challenge has drawn to a close today. It's been a fun 2 month challenge and I appreciate Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow for making it happen.

These are my remaining cards for the challenge.

Day 50 - This card also doubled as my card for a "monochrome"challenge on the Community Thrives site.

Day 51 - I started out with a collage of an assortment of text paper background and then scraped on some random acrylic paint. The girl was found in the background and the text just seemed to fit.

Day 52 - Another play with acrylic paints and black gesso.

Day 53 - She is done in acrylics with gel pen and Sharpie paint pen accents.

Day 54 - I felt like something different so went with my take on a color wheel and some practice in lettering.

Day 55 - She began from a random acrylic background. After painting the face I added the blue around her face so you can't really tell that it started out multi-colored. She still feels a bit unfinished, maybe I will still add a word or a quote of some type.

Day 56 - Acrylic and black gesso. This was intended to be a dog but as it turned out I believe it's really a dog crossed with a hyena.

Day 57 - Another dual purpose card. This time for a one-word art challenge on Community Thrive  - "wander".

Day 58 - A little collage piece today. The background is a collage of assorted text pieces which I then colored with spray inks and gesso. The face, body and piece behind are from a few different books and vintage collections.

Day 59 - Acrylic background with a black gesso bird.

Day 60 - Acrylic background. The bird was punched from a magazine with a large circle punch. I painted around the bird with black gesso. I used dictionary text for the dress and crown.

Day 61 - The finale - the 2 month challenge is completed!

I am grateful to Tammy for providing this challenge and am happy to have met a new group of creative and supportive people that played along as well. Thanks to all of you that have followed my progress along the way.


  1. renee, you have done such a wonderful job with all of these cards!!!

  2. Cheers for all of us finishing this wonderful challenge. I loved all of your cards and your girls, but have to say I adore the dog!

  3. your cards are wonderful!! i love each and every one of them!

  4. Renee, your art has been a joy and a real inspiration to me. If you decided to make prints, let me know. I love the "wander" card, especially!

  5. Love your work! So glad I found ICAD from your blog post!

  6. I love them all.... That is one AWESOME collection !
    Corrie x


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