Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge number 2

This is the second month of the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge and this month they've challenged us to use objects from around the house in a new way.

Some of the household items that I used are things that I routinely use anyway like that rubbery shelf paper that make great textures and the cover from an eyeliner pencil to make the small black circles. 

In addition to those I used text and the woman's face from a vintage magazine. The image was not colored but the paper was pretty thin and the text from the reverse side showed through more than I liked so I just did a paint over on her. I used a little strip of duct tape from my husband's work bench with more magazine text in the upper right section. Beneath the woman the colored circles are from the edge of some quilt fabric my daughter had used a few weeks ago (yes, I did scrounge through her trash)! The little pocket for my secret dreams is a toilet paper roll that I flattened and stitched on 3 sides and the pocket insert is a section of an old ruler from the junk drawer and had a dream written on the back. And finally, some of the final streaks and dots are made with the tines of a fork.

This was a fun challenge - looking forward to next month.


  1. oh..this is brilliant! i love how you used your household stuff! love it!

  2. I love that, what a brill idea to use up those hard eyeliners, love it. Elizabeth xxx

  3. Wow! I love how many household items you used! Awesome project! Thanks for joining us at the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  4. Beautiful art Renee! Love how you used tons of household items and I love all the texture! Thanks for playing along with our Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love all the magazine influences and that little piece of duck tape. I'm interested in knowing what this rubbery shelf paper looks like too!

    The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge blog DT

  6. what a beautiful piece! i love all the different household items, such a great idea to use pencil caps for the mini circles! Thank you so much for playing Around the House with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  7. Beautiful Project! Thanks for playing with Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!


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