Monday, July 14, 2014

Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge week 6

Here is my week 6 of index cards for the Index Card-a-Day challenge hosted by Tammie Garcia at Daisy Yellow.

Day 36 - I was feeling a little sarcastic for some reason (OK, like usual) and found this quote that still makes me laugh.

Day 37 - I started out with a plastic card and several colors of acrylic paint for the background. Once I spotted the vague shape of the bunny I ran with it.

Day 38 - This was a play day with acrylics and a little spray color and finished with text from a book.

Day 39 - Again this began with acrylics for the background, the face came from that and then I embellished with paint pens and markers.

Day 40 - This began as an abstract but that just wasn't working so it became an assortment of flowers.

Day 41 - Once again I started with acrylics and a plastic card for the background but they were really bright. Somehow once I got going it became quite subdued. When this happens I always wish I'd have pictures of the various stages along the way. Anyway... once the girl and the ladder were painted I found this Rumi quote and it made me think of my mom and how much I still miss her and it was a perfect fit to finish the card.

Day 42 - This one, like the bunny, began with a background of some bright acrylics. I sketched the deer and added a few doodles and finished it off with black gesso.

This concludes week 6 - a little over 2 weeks to go. You can still jump in and play or find more information at


  1. these are all so great!! you have such a wonderful style!!

  2. Renee, this are all brilliant. I hope you don't mind me linking to your blog as your black backgrounds inspired my card today and I wanted to give you a shout out. I really love your style!

  3. I think your Karma bus may be my favorite of all your cards for ICAD.

  4. I love your bunny and your deer, they are fabulous!!!

  5. you are doing a brilliant job with these!

  6. Wonderful, love them all ! So lovely and bright and colourful !
    Corrie x


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