Sunday, June 22, 2014

Installment number 3

The Daisy Yellow Index Card-A-Day challenge continues.

 These are my cards from week 3.

Number 15 - playing with abstract and doodles.

Number 16 -  More of the same but I included color wash spray drips and paint pen details.

Number 17 - Abstract fun.

Number 18 - Intuitive abstract play.

Number 19 - This was going to be another attempt at an abstract but I kept being distracted by this partial face that I discovered .

Number 20 - This one started with a canceled postage stamp that I've been saving for just the right use. The rest is done with acrylics,charcoals and a bit of pen.

Number 21 -  Having a little fun with acrylics.

This concludes week 3 - more to come...


  1. I love how faces come out of the page for you and of course I love this little birdie (like I love ALL of your birds!) - what will you do with all these once you are done?

  2. Actually I forgot to mention the most amazing one - the postage stamp!!

  3. Love them all, but my favourite is no. 15, such yummy colours !
    Corrie x

  4. They look so much better all together! I can't (and I WON'T) pick a favorite! I love them all.

  5. love them. you are doing such a great job with this challenge! can't wait to see more.


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