Monday, June 30, 2014

Index Card Challenge - Week 4


                             This is Week 4 of the challenge which means summer is flying by.

Day 22 - fun with acrylics and a few doodles.

Day 23 - My peonies were in full bloom last week and I just couldn't get enough. I tried to paint a very close up view of them. The first layer is acrylics followed with a coat of glaze giving it a little bit more of a dimensional look.

Day 24 - A little folk art face in acrylics.

Day 25 - I started with some random splotches of acrylic paint and spotted this bunny waiting to come out.

Day 26 - Another stab at abstract usinig acrylics, Sharpie paint pens and a gel pen.

Day 27 - Started with gesso and color wash sprays followed a bird torn from a dictionary page, a bit of scrap paper, acrylic paint with a stencil and stamped letters.

Day 28 - An alarm clock done for no apparent reason! 


  1. So cool seeing them all together. I am still in love with your take on the peonies!

  2. Another great collection, I love the bunny !
    Corrie x

  3. Love the way you blend colors - you make it look so easy!


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