Saturday, April 5, 2014

Full Circle Fun

I am in the middle of Misty Mawn's Full Circle class and have been learning so much more than I'd ever expected when I signed up. I am a little on the slow side in finishing up projects but eventually I get there.

Take this project, for instance. Our Week 2 lesson (we are now in Week 11) was to make a paper clay folk art doll. Well, I made my doll 9 weeks ago but just wasn't feeling the painting part of her until yesterday.

For her base I used the outside metal part of a vase; the glass insert for it was broken many years ago. I've been packing around with the metal shell for so long and now I found the perfect new use for it. Just one more confirmation that you must never, under any circumstances,  throw anything away!

To make the base match her head a little better I used 2 shades of brown Stazon ink to give it a more aged look. I did the same with a length of satin ribbon and then tied pieces randomly to the base.

She's a little homely but she reminds me of the apple head dolls that some of my aunts used to make when I was a little girl so that makes her special to me.

This was a fun learning experience. Thank you, Misty.

And thank you for stopping by.



  1. it's great, renee!
    i took one of misty's online workshops a year or two ago. so awesome. enjoy the journey!!

  2. OMGosh, I remember those shriveled up apple head dolls too! I didn't know anyone that made them, but I saw them at craft shows. Now you have me wondering about paper clay....she's quite unique, Renee, with her wire base and random ribbon ties. A fascinating piece. I like her!

  3. Renee, she is wonderful. I love the simplicity of her. Isn't it fun to try something outside our norm.

  4. Omg..I love it! So awesome!

  5. I love that you are pushing yourself into new works! Go, Renee!


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