Monday, April 14, 2014

Color it Joyful

Today I worked on my spread for Jes Belkov Gordon's class in 21 Secrets. The class is called Color it Joyful and it really was joyful for me.

Jes taught us how to tell a story using 3 colors and their respective personalities. I chose green as the main character in my story; not so much because I liked the personality traits of the color but because my supporting character colors would be yellow and turquoise and I found the combination of those 3 colors appealing to me.

I started out applying the paint to my journal pages with a plastic palette knife with no real thought to where the colors were going, I just wanted something on the page. After a short time I saw the trees start to emerge and just went with it.

I did some final paint blending with a wide, flat brush, added the bird with a marker and the deer and detail work with a black gel pen.

The odd thing about this for me is that I have never painted a landscape. I had no plan today to paint a landscape. I just started spreading the paint around it sort of took on a life of its own.

In retrospect when I look at the color traits for my green, yellow, turquoise palette even though I didn't think about how they relate to each other I see them telling a story for me now. 

I'm feeling the wide-eyed innocence and hopefulness of the green in the trees and the deer peering from behind the tree. I feel like the turquoise in the front  like water flowing in a river so is my creativity flowing through this piece. And the bouncing, happy , bubbly yellow is shining behind the trees ready to come out and liven things up.

This was a great class. I look forward to trying another color combination and seeing what kind of story will unfold next time.


  1. You whole process sounds like it's all magical. And very pretty too!

  2. what a wonderful and colorful journey :)

  3. Those colours work for me too ! This is fabulous !
    Corrie x

  4. Congrats, in completing your first landscape. The colour story is very delightful and it sounds like you had delight in the process as well!

  5. That is just lovely, Renee! The colors and blending are beautiful!


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