Monday, January 27, 2014

Documented Life Project

Along with 4300+ other people I joined the Documented Life Project on Facebook.

I am not using the suggested Moleskine planner. Instead I am just using a plain spiral bound monthly planner. I don't have any important things going on in my life where I need more space than the 2 inch square for each day and if anything comes up there's plenty of room across the bottom for me to use so it works out great for me.

I did not do the tip-ins for the entire year in advance. I will add them as I go so I can put them anyplace on the page that feels right at the time. The same with the tabs; if I decide to add them they will come later in the year. I can see that it will be too thick for the existing binding before very long but I think the holes match up with a bind-it-all so I can add a bigger binding if needed.

I haven't gotten the cover done yet but here is my first month of completed prompts.

Prompt #1 was "your front door". It was hard to get a decent picture of my front door because I had to stand in a snow bank to take the photo! Just like Walmart you can kind of see our official greeters, Riley & Rufus, waiting to greet you at the door.

Prompt #2 was to include a selfie in some way.

Prompt #3 was to add something from the mail. You can't really tell but my mail addition is a clear plastic envelope that help sale coupons from Target pharmacy. I love this envelope. I can add artwork, ticket stubs, lists, etc. However, because it is just a clear envelope it doesn't really photograph well!

Prompt #4 was to write a message and then paint over all but 1 word of it. The word I left unpainted is "receive" which I also repeated on the sign the girl is holding. This piece for prompt #4 is tucked neatly inside the envelope from prompt #3.

 Prompt #5 was to doodle a border so I doodled a few of them.
These are a couple sections with an assortment of doodles.

That covers the January prompts and I am ready for February - bring it on!


  1. Aackk! I wanted to see the whole thing! How could you do that to me? lol So, they give you prompts to decorate the month? What you've done is really cool And I do hope at some point you show the whole month.

  2. Love all your interpretations of the prompts so far. That front door with Riley and Rufus is fab ! Also love the receive girl !
    Corrie x

  3. Aha! Creativity on demand! That is the toughest assignment of all, and you've passed with flying colors! I especially love the door. Very nicely done!


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