Wednesday, December 18, 2013

portraits 11-20

If you are tiring of the portraits from the Gritty Jane 40 portraits challenge you might want to skip The Tin Goat for a few more weeks. I really want to finish the challenge so I am one-track minded right now.

Here we go...

Number 11 - this background was done by collaging pieces of my unused paint pages. I love the messiness of it.

Number 12 - My version of Frida
Number 13 - A face I found in the background.

Number 14 - another face with a collaged background. This one just happens to have bunny ears!
Number 15 - This face was inspired by the works of J. J. Grandville - Les Fleurs Animees .

Number 16 - I 'found' this girl and bird in the background - unfortunately for her I didn't find her chin!
Number 17 - This girl has a bit of a grunge feel to me. Not sure what my inspiration was for that!

Number 18 - Having a bad hair day!
Number 19 - I did some random stamping on one of the first layers of the background. You can just make out a bit of a butterfly on her neck so I thought she should have wings as well.

Number 20 - YAY, halfway!



  1. you are so talented my friend! love them all!

  2. oh, these are great!! i can't pick a favorite, they are all good!

  3. I love looking at them all! So beautiful.

  4. WOOOW,Your poaintings Loove all so beautiful and magical dreamy,looove it to much they all.


    Lovely greetings Jeannette


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