Friday, December 27, 2013

portrait challenge continues...

Number 21 - thinking about Christmas just around the corner
Number 22 - this was for a challenge on with a theme of "Spirit".
Number 23 - My shades of blue girl using aquarelle pencils and Adirondack color wash inks.
Number 24 - the background on this is a collage of my leftover paint pages. The face looked pretty much like any other face so I jazzed her up with a few dots in her hair.
Number 25 - This is my tribute to snow. Now I'm ready for it to go away for another year!
Number 26 - I recently joined Teesha & Tracey Moore's new site "The Artsronaut Club". This is my version of an Artstronaut!
Number 27 - Moving on to an entirely different look - this is my take on a Raphael Madonna.
Number 28 - Another face done on a collage of my leftover paint pages.
Number 29 - Still working on hair issues (just like real life).
Number 30 - 3/4 of the way to the finish line.
Thanks for looking...


  1. These are great! You are so good.

  2. I love all of your art work - I might not always comment but I am always watching!!!!! Kinda like Santa Claus and you are always good.
    Happy New Year!


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