Wednesday, December 11, 2013

new computer and a few portraits

I spent a week without my laptop and came to realize how dependent I am on being 'connected'! It's almost a shame (notice I say almost).

My new laptop came with Windows 8 and I am not a real happy camper. My own fault; I should have done my homework before purchasing. I know I will get used to it in time and until I do will just have to be content with whining.

I have been doing more portraits for the Gritty Jane 40 portraits challenge.

Number 6 - I keep an old piano book near me when I am painting and any extra paint that I don't use I spread on a page. I cut up pieces from the book and used them for the background on this girl.
Number 7 - I painted her the day I put our Christmas tree up.
Number 8 - This gal was my portrait for the prompt "letting go".
Number 9 - I used some of my own foam stamps for this background.
Number 10 - I'm not exactly sure what inspired this one. I started out using Adirondack color wash spray with stencils and punchinella for the background and then just looked for a face to emerge from there. This is what happened - she scares me a little!
That's enough faces for one day - thanks for stopping by.


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