Friday, November 22, 2013

Gritty Jane's 40 portraits challenge

I recently joined a challenge group on Facebook started by Jane Spakowsky (Gritty Jane) to come up with 40 portraits, any medium and no deadline. Since I tend to obsess over things I will continue along until I've finished all 40.

Here are my first 5.

This is my first one. The optional prompt for her was "gypsy".
Number 2 for no particular reason or prompt.

Number 3 turned out to be something of a chubby cheeked, chinless wonder. Or maybe she just has a bad hairdo, hmmm...
Again, number 4 was just waiting to become - no particular prompt for her.

Finally, number 5. I'm not sure if I've been influenced by deer hunting season or what but she just felt like she needed antlers.
More portraits to come - join the challenge on Facebook - Gritty Jane's 40 portraits challenge.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I have a rubber tree that inherited from my daughter between her moves. It was one of those rescue operations that happen from time to time.

I repotted it and babied it along a little until it finally just took off. Now, a couple years later it had gotten too big for my living room. I'd already moved it to the center of the room but it reached the ceiling and was no longer able to grow straight.

Our son, Zac, was home for the weekend so I enlisted his help. He got a ladder and a hacksaw and got the job done!

We were able to get 3 nice sized new rubber tree plants in addition to the original. I'm hoping they will all take root. I clipped off the lower leaves of each one and they are sunk a good 10 inches into the dirt so I'm thinking if I keep them well watered they should be fine.

Being something of a hoarder of course I couldn't just throw all of those perfectly good leaves away! They are gorgeous leaves and some of them are over 12 inches long. I was just sure I would find a use for them at some point.
As luck would have it one of the art challenges for this month at is "leaves". Perfect!
I don't think this is quite what Heather was thinking about when she decided on "leaves" in Autumn for the challenge but it what great timing for me! I have a bag full of the rest of the leaves I trimmed - can't wait to start the next one.
I don't know what will happen when the leaves dry. Will just have to enjoy them while they last wait and see what happens later.