Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've been working on large journal pages lately (approximately) 8 x 12" and have been working a little differently than I do normally. Instead of completing a page in one sitting or even one day I've been working on journal pages a few minutes at a time throughout the day as I have time (or feel moved).

This is the latest completed page. It started with this Rumi quote that I found that I really liked "A nightingale sometimes flies from a garden to sing in the forest" and a book page illustration of a pretty woman and it sort of snowballed from there.

I think I worked on the page off and on over a 3 day period which is way out of the ordinary for me. I generally like to work on one thing until it's finished which sometimes can make things feel forced. I kind of liked the way this worked itself out a little more with each addition.

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  1. Hi Renee, long admirer here. How could I contact you via email about a potential project and partnership? You can reach me at carolina dot velis at icreateflix dot com


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