Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My art room got a facelift

After 3 years I finally gave my art room a cheery little facelift. I didn't realize quite how blah it was until I changed it.

Come on in for a little look!

 I moved in my Mom's old china cabinet and repurposed it to hold lots of journals, books, paints, etc.

The bunting valance was a little decoration I made for my daughter's bridal shower. It needs a few more strips tied on it (someday) but for now it's fine.
This is my counter space. Most of the time I stand while I'm working on something but with the 2 heights I have the option of sitting as well.

This brings us all the way around the room. It was a long couple of days getting it all painted and reorganized but I'm so happy I did it. It's cheerful and bright and I think I will be able to create happy art in this room. 
However we leave tomorrow to celebrate with our daughter as she marries the man of her dreams on Saturday but next week when we return home you can find me right here in this room!
I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day holiday (USA) and may you feel blessed and lucky to have know the loved ones you remember this weekend.



  1. Wow, this just might be the happiest place to be on earth! I love that birdcage wall décor!

  2. Wow....renee...Loveing it. That is one great jazzy room!!! Enjoy!

  3. I love the different colors on the walls. The repurposed cabinet is genius! What a happy room to create in. Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous photos Renee, what a beautiful work space. Love the colours of your walls. Lovely to find your blog too. xx

  5. That is a nice facelift for your room! I just did a facelift in Scottsdale for my house and it looks great!


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