Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Face in the World

The latest fun thing I've joined is a  Facebook group called "Face in the World". In this group we have teams of 5 players and we are doing a round robin of sorts painting a face.

                                           For those with blogs that like buttons, I created one for this event :oD
It can be grabbed here, or if you prefer to copy the code, it is here:

Each person prepares their background and beginning of their face then sends it on down the list for the next person. Should be a fun challenge.

my beginning piece
Among other fun things going on is a bet with my husband over the ''right"way to peel a banana. I have an unscientific post on my Facebook wall to see which of us is the winner. I will either be dancing the happy dance over being the winner or whining as the loser slipping on the banana peel later today...
Now I must get the day rolling - eat a banana, they're loaded with potassium (and then let us know on FB which way to peel it)!
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