Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Choose Happiness

The snow is falling yet again. It's a pretty snowfall but I wish Mother Nature would decide we've had enough already - I'm so anxious for Spring!

The snow and cold is starting to affect my thinking (not in a happy way)! So yesterday I gave myself a little pep talk reminding myself that it could be worse and all my whining won't make Spring come any sooner. I decided I needed to make an uplifting journal page and what better than a Bluebird of Happiness?

If you've been reading my blog you may recognize the background. This is the page on the left from the technique tutorial a few posts down.
Also a reminder, if you haven't left a comment on the giveaway post below you still have 2 days to leave one. I will draw a name on Friday morning.
Meanwhile - I hope you are warm and cozy and above all... Happy!


  1. It sounds like you are experiencing the same feelings many of us in western Canada are experiencing. Right now though, where I live, we have actually seen the sun three days in a row and the snow is melting! That usually means however, that the sky will repay us with snow in a few days. A lot of us have to give ourselves pep talks! So, this journal page sure reminds us to think about changing our attitudes and thinking about being happy instead of about being depressed!

  2. This journal page just makes me smile. It is such a happy piece of art.
    In Australia at the moment it is really hot, and I am over it. Roll on winter. ( no snow in Sydney, so not as cold as where you are!)
    Jenni Jones

  3. Over here in the Northern Sierra California Mountains, we have icy roads where the sun hasn't hit for months. And when the sun comes out, the ice melts a little bit but then ends upmaking more ice on the roads...we have so much fun trying to go up hill. We are blessed to have four-wheel drive vehicles, for sure! Your journal page makes me yearn real big for some very warm days to rid the ice until next year! ;-) Thanks, for the opportunity, Renee!

  4. I am new to your post and fell in love with your bluebird. There is something special bout him that makes me smile. This is a wonderful piece and a wonderful opportunity. Thank you.

  5. This is cute! I wish spring wars here too! Oh yeah....I'm going to Florida Monday! It's already spring there! :0


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