Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Greetings

Winter is here in Minnesota full force. Lots of snow on the ground, freezing temps, and a husband happily ice fishing (or so he says yet I've only had fresh fish once so far).

I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit however am finding it difficult this year. I did manage to get the artwork done for our Christmas cards this year. Now let's see if I actually get them printed and in the mail!

Aside from working on the Christmas spirit I do have a little news to share. My "For the Love of Aqua" submission will be published in the January/February issue of Somerset Studio so I'm pretty excited for that.
I guess I will spend a little time this evening doing some online Christmas shopping. Thanks for stopping by...


  1. I love the bubble wrap texture in the background. Congrats on the Jan/Feb publication in Somerset Studio. So excited to see you there. I get my first copy that month. A gift from my mom and it is wonderful that it will contain some of your work.

  2. Renee,
    She is lovely and congrats on the Somerset feature! That is exciting!

  3. Oh..what exciting news Renee! Congratulations on the publication! I am so proud of you!

  4. This angel is sooo beautiful! The background is stunning as is her pretty face! Congrats on being published!

  5. ongratulation for being published AGAIN!! This card is truly beautiful xx

  6. your christmas card is really pretty. every year i say i'm going to create my own...then i run out of time. maybe if i start now, i'll be ready for next christmas :)

    congrats on the publication. how exciting!


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