Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's been a rough week

I spent a little time in my art room today and played with my graphite pencils and a couple new pan pastel colors.

It's been a rough week...

On Black Friday we went out to the mall and people watched. We weren't crazy enough to try to get any real shopping done but it was kind of fun to watch everyone running around. We did score some salt water taffy though. As we were going through Target I popped a piece of taffy in my mouth and ended up ripping the crown off a molar.

Tuesday I screwed up my courage to go to the dentist and turns out I need some extensive dental work done - it was not a good day!

Then as I was putting up Christmas decorations yesterday I came across my Mom's Christmas stocking and it made me sad. She always spent the holiday week at our house with us. This will be my first Christmas without her in 53 years.

In addition to that I am job hunting and the first 2 places I tried aren't hiring so my art today is a little solemn feeling...


Still working in my composition book journal so the pages are ripply and the rule lines show and it doesn't bother me a bit.
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  1. Oh Renee, sorry you've had such a rough week! I well remember my first Christmas without my mum there, I kept seeing her sitting in her usual chair and hearing her voice, - it was hard!

    Your art is beautiful like always!!

  2. Renee, I hope your week is getting better. I am so sorry about your mom...keep the good memories close to your heart, she will always be there. I have worked in dentistry for 35 years, so hang in there. I always tell my patients that the anticipation is much worse than the procedure, and the cost :( Love your paintings, they are amazing!

  3. Renee, I truly hope the week gets better ... love your art, I find it so inspirational!

  4. oh dag nab it sorry to hear you are feeling sad. it will certainly be a different kind of holiday than you are use to and that stinks. i have a feeling your mom will be with you even if you can't physically see her.
    god bless you renee. much love coming your way.

  5. Love the two pieces you've done, even though they look a bit sad. Doesn't sound like a nice week, here's to the next one being better!

  6. Ah, Renee. My mom died December 11th, 1986, and Christmas was never the same. Like you, the part that got me the worst was a stocking. My stocking, empty on Christmas morning. Personally I feel you simply never get over that particular loss. My sympathies to you.

  7. I love your work, even when it depicts sadness.....your ability to show that aspect is great.
    Wishing you the strength to get through this time and be the stronger for it. hugs


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