Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's been a rough week

I spent a little time in my art room today and played with my graphite pencils and a couple new pan pastel colors.

It's been a rough week...

On Black Friday we went out to the mall and people watched. We weren't crazy enough to try to get any real shopping done but it was kind of fun to watch everyone running around. We did score some salt water taffy though. As we were going through Target I popped a piece of taffy in my mouth and ended up ripping the crown off a molar.

Tuesday I screwed up my courage to go to the dentist and turns out I need some extensive dental work done - it was not a good day!

Then as I was putting up Christmas decorations yesterday I came across my Mom's Christmas stocking and it made me sad. She always spent the holiday week at our house with us. This will be my first Christmas without her in 53 years.

In addition to that I am job hunting and the first 2 places I tried aren't hiring so my art today is a little solemn feeling...


Still working in my composition book journal so the pages are ripply and the rule lines show and it doesn't bother me a bit.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

good intentions

I'm just a fool whose intentions are good... I'll be singing that song the rest of the evening now!

What I really meant with that title however is that "intentions" was my 'word' for this year, my goal. I was going to set my goals and share them with the universe and watch them unfold. Seriously, getting myself to set any kind of a goal is a major feat in itself!

After talking with my friend, Roc a few days ago about our intentions or affirmations I was inspired to make this journal spread.

For the remainder of this year I will remember to state my intentions and challenge you to do the same.

                    1. Say it

                    2. Repeat it

                    3. Believe it

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Journaling Pieces

Journaling Pieces is the name of the new kit released by Tumble Fish Studio at

The images are great fun to play with no matter how you journal. Here are a couple cut & paste pieces from my moleskine journal.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will check out this new image kit and if you do post a link so I can see your creation.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Multi-challenge journal page

I'm still working on my ETC journal spreads and have actually made some pretty big dents in the piles. A few pages to go and my counter will be clutter-free and I can start all over again!

Meanwhile being the first of the month there is a new Green Paper challenge. Mary gave us great images to work with once again this month. This challenge is open to all - join us here.

In addition to the Green Paper challenge there are also new monthly challenges over at Community Thrive. This month's One Word challege prompt is "strength". Join this Community Thrive challenge here.

I chose to combine the 2 challenges with a picture of one of my favorite people on a page in my altered ancestor journal.

Altered Grandma
All of the background papers except the sheet music and the striped border are from the Green Paper challenge.
Her dress says "She was strong" and with text taken from an old church hymnal.
The woman is my husband's grandmother in her youth. Grandma passed away 3 years ago just a few hours away from her 100th birthday.
I chose to use her picture for the strength challenge because I had so much respect for the way she lived her life. She found her strength in the Bible and shared her knowledge and her quest to learn more with everyone she met - as well as a few people she never met. She once spent 20 minutes on the phone with a 'nice sounding young man' that called to sell her car insurance (she hadn't driven in over 10 years at this point) telling him about Jesus.
Grandma was one of the least judgemental people I've had the pleasure to know and I could go on and on touting her various 'strenths' but I guess I've made my point by this time.
I hope to see you join either (or both) of these challenges and many thanks to those who offer them.
Find your strength.