Friday, September 21, 2012


We are in the process of giving our house a little facelift. When we moved here 3 years ago most of the main floor rooms were painted a pale minty green. They were fine and served well as a neutral background for all of our 'stuff''. Now however it's time for a change!

My new palette consists of turquoise, orange, taupe, green, and yellow with a splash of red.

My first project with the new palette was my attempt at an abstract. It looks nothing like it did in my mind but the colors work and it's growing on me. This is a 16 x 20" canvas called "fly if you are able".

Thank you to Glycerine at for your abstract class!
My next project was to upcycle an old cabinet and use it in the spare bedroom. Here are before and after pictures.
I'm such a bad photographer but if you lean your head to the side a little bit this will look level and if you squint just a tad the colors will appear more accurate!
The spare bedroom is painted taupe and Wade has the carpet torn out and most of the wood floor installed - stay tuned for progress reports!
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  1. Love the abstract, and I like what you did with the wardrobe too.

  2. love what you did with this renee!!!

  3. LOVE that abstract - the name you chose is perfect!


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