Friday, June 15, 2012

with wild abandon

OK, maybe not so much on the wild part, just the abandon...

Constance Taylor invited me to join a group on Facebook called "Art Abandonment". The idea behind the group is that you make some art, put a note on it for the finder and 'abandon' it in a public place for someone to find and brighten their day.

Ttoday I abandoned my first art pieces and it was so great.

I left this ATC in my clinic waiting room. Luckily it was fairly quiet when I was there so not too tricky to get it tucked into a brochure rack.

This postcard is the other piece abandoned today. She was left among the purses at Macy's department store. This one was a little trickier to hide and not get caught due to a very attentive sales associate!

I hope whoever finds the art gets a little chuckle out of it. I will definately abandon a few more pieces again soon.

Thank you, Constance for inviting me to this group. Anyone else interested in joining the group can find the info at:!/groups/ArtAbandonment/ (or just type Art Abandonment in the search box).

Thanks for stopping by and next time you are out and about pay attention, you may find a surprise left by someone to brighten your day.



  1. What a nice idea. I did Book Crossing for a while, where you abandon books for others to find.

    1. that sounds good too, Sue. i hadn't heard of that before.

  2. Well whoever finds these is very lucky! Hope they appreciate them, these faces are so lovely!

  3. What a fun idea....and what lucky finders there will be!!

  4. A brilliant idea and what a lovely surprise for someone!! Do you write something on the back to say what it is about? Can people post that they have found it?(Suppose I should go and read the instructions) I can imagine you acting furtively among the purses!!

    1. Cindy, come & join the group. I've only had the one day of stealth work but intend to do it again soon. Maybe I'll make it a monthly event or something. Anyway, it's an open group - hope to see you there


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