Monday, June 11, 2012

summer junque

Living in Minnesota and not being much of a cold weather person I am always so excited for summer. I love the green grass, the warm weather, open windows, rain instead of snow,  etc. The only problem is our summers fly by way too fast!

Since we had a few of those rainy days last week I had lots of indoor time to play with the new "Summer Junque 1 & 2" kits from Tumble Fish Studio.

For the background on this one above I enlarged a section of an image and reprinted it several times. I tore the copies in strips, inked the edges and the flipped them around before glueing them down.

On the 'Bloom' page background I used an image and resized it in several different shapes and used the pieces for a mosaic-type background.

The various red images (or sections of images) were screaming at me so I had a little zetti fun here.

On this last piece the butterfly is from the "Flying Things" kit and the fish is from "Something's Fishy" with everything else from "Summer Junque".

All image kits from Tumble Fish Studio are available at

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  1. Lovely work as always. I particularly like the 'Madame Butterfly' piece. Still waiting for summer here in the UK, beginning to think that week back in May was it... hugs Cindy x


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