Friday, June 8, 2012

do as i say and not as i do

Roc's monthly journal prompt for June is "what is something you hope to inspire in others?".

While thinking about this I realized that I have different inspirational hopes for different groups of people. I have certain things I hope to inspire in my kids, other things I hope to inspire in my friends and still others for different people I meet. I sort of chose a cross-section for this piece.

Because I made my journal almost 2 years ago and used an assortment of page sizes I just happened to end up working on a large tag for June. Due to the size of the tag the only artwork on it is the background. For this I used color wash sprays by Adirondack and Dylusions.

As I was searching for the quotes I got to thinking that I have not by any means mastered any of these traits myself so wondering how I could possibly inspire them in others. My answer to that is 'do as I say and not as I do'! Fortunately we are all works in progress.

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