Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in a name?

I hadn't realized I'd neglected The Tin Goat for so long. I got sidetracked with a new project and was busy having a ball.

When I was a young kid I hated my name. It was so different and no one ever spelled it right (or at least my way of right). I wanted to be just like everyone. I knew lots of "Sue or Susans", several "Julies" and a couple "Pattys". The only other Renee I knew was a boy (Rene) and apparently he didn't like it either because he changed his to "Mike"!

Somewhere along the line I learned that Renee in French means reborn or born again. I didn't quite get the 'reborn or born again' part but was really excited that my name was French. So for a time (a very short time) I tried the apostrophe thing but that just seemed like too much work. I did however feel a little better now knowing that my parents didn't just make the name up to annoy me. It actually was their second attempt at naming me but that's a whole other story.

Perhaps it's because of my name that I am drawn to paintings from the Renaissance period. The portraits in particular really interest me. So when I was invited to play in a gluebook round robin recently I jumped at the chance and decided the theme for my book would be "Altered Renaissance". As I was prepping my pages and getting my book ready I got caught up in it myself and decided to keep it and work on it myself rather than send it off for the round robin.

This is the front cover. It is my first moleskine and I'm really having fun with it.

In my mind by altering the paintings they become a product of yet another renaissance. I suppose renaissance revival would be redundant! Anyway, this is the reason for my blog neglect, I've been caught up in the past.

I now embrace my name, and am OK with not being like everyone else. Unique is good! I'm thinking when I finish this journal maybe I will tackle my middle name in the next one. Let's see... things that rhyme with "Von".

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  1. omg..i'm giggling. i always hated my name too! i use to beg my mom to change my name. i'm good with my nickname and actually quite like it. i guess as we get older we become less worried with things like that. love your artwork! love what you are creating these days. keep it going!

  2. Lovely journal pages Renee!

    It's funny, but my name (my full name that is .... Sheridan, sshhh, don't tell anyone -lol,) is also a boy's name and I've never liked it - hence, I'm Sherry! Luckily I don't also have a middle name! As you say though, it's good to be unique.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  3. I can relate. My name, Odette, is also French, and I hated it growing up. Kids are so cruel, and I came home many days in tears. I finally grew into it and like it now. Remember when you were a kid and they had little doodads with names on them? I could NEVER find one with my name. Four years ago I went to Paris. I finally found something with my name on it! It only took 56 years!

  4. Yes, Odette - there were never bracelets or pencils, keychains, etc with my name. That always made me sad too I'm happy for you that you finally found something :)

    Roc & Sherry, nice to know I wasn't the only one. I also think it's very cool that we've all finally grown into our names.

    thanks for stopping by


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