Wednesday, February 22, 2012

saying goodbye

This is a hard post to write. I've been thinking on it for several days hoping that maybe the words would flow but they are stuck somewhere deep inside. My Mom died 2 weeks ago and nothing will ever be exactly the same.

Christmas 2011 - age 93

It doesn't matter that I am 52 years old and have grown children of my own. With her gone somehow the world seems too large and I feel too small.

When you lose your mother nothing is ever exactly the same. Mother's Day will feel incomplete this year. The holiday weeks that she always spent with our family will be a little empty. The "Grandma" Christmas stocking on our mantel will make us a little sad.

I know the sadness is for those of us left behind with the empty spots in our hearts that will re-fill in due time with sweet memories, celebrations of her life and testimonies from those whose lives she touched. I also know that she would be so proud of her family for working together taking care of all the affairs one must at a time like this. I am especially proud of my brother, Arvid.

These last few years he really went the extra mile taking care of Mom and making sure she was able to remain independent as long as was humanly possible. He checked on her every day (often times several times a day). He took her to her doctor appointments, made sure she had good food to eat, helped her with anything that came up. She appreciated everything he did for her and so did I.

This month's prompt for Roc's monthly prompt journal is "what is something you really appreciate"? It was easy for me - I really appreciate everything Arvid did for Mom so this journal page is dedicated to him (and features his baby picture and retro 1980ish picture).

Thank you Arvid. I love you and appreciate everything you (and Shirley) did for Mom and for the rest of us.

Thank you Mom. I love you and appreciate everything you did for me <3

Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting old... who me?

I know I am getting old. When I was a little kid it used to make me crazy when my mom and my aunts would talk about how fast the time flew by. All the while they're carrying on about time speeding away I'm wondering if somehow I missed a birthday party or something because as a kid the time seemed to drag.

Well, the time isn't dragging anymore. January flew by and it's already February 1st! The month of January sped away on me so I guess I'm getting old too. It was bound to happen!

Part of the reason the month of January flew by so quickly was because I am so excited about keeping up with the Book of Days project. So far I've managed to journal each day even if it's just a few words.

As you can see I crammed alot of days on this spread. If I do another set of pages with this type of background I will re-think the journaling a bit.

For this next spread I planned the journaling part a little better and pre-divided the pages into sections for daily notes. These are the pages I'm on right now and the sections make a much neater finished page.


Tonight I finished the following spread for next week's journey.

All images on this spread (and the fish and critter head on the one above it) are from Tumble Fish Studio. Effy's challenge to us for this week is to incorporate some type of envelope into our spread so be on the lookout for that next time.

Until then, thank you for stopping by. I hope your time passes at the exact right speed for you!