Monday, January 16, 2012

I am ready to receive

The month of January has been a crazy busy one for me so I am quite pleased with myself for keeping up with the Book of Days project. You can join at Today I finished a spread for a challenge to use a mosaic background.

I spent so much time picking out the papers to use for the mosaic and by the time the spread was finished you can't tell what they started as anyway but I know what's there. The techniques for the spread were inspired by a recent Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday video ( ). This is my first attempt at water color. It's no where near good but there are so many mediums on the page that most of the water color is covered.

My Book of Days word for 2012 is "intentions". A wise friend recently told me that it's always a good idea that when stating our intentions to also state that you are ready to receive whatever it is you are asking for.

Today I was presented with an opportunity that could turn out to be just amazing. I never thought that the response to the intentions would happen so quickly! I've been reminding myself all afternoon - I am ready to receive.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to be ready to receive the many blessing that come your way.



  1. This is beautiful Renee, although I must admit I'm biased as my word for the year is receive :) I love the combination of the shabby background with the watercolours though - lovely effect.

  2. Great spread Renee! Love the two complementary colours together, they really make it pop!

  3. great job. great statement! i am sure you will see amazing things happen and you truly deserve them!

  4. Nice going Renee. It's going to be a great year!

  5. Great spread and what a great place to 'be'. Hope everything turns out well for you.


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