Monday, January 16, 2012

I am ready to receive

The month of January has been a crazy busy one for me so I am quite pleased with myself for keeping up with the Book of Days project. You can join at Today I finished a spread for a challenge to use a mosaic background.

I spent so much time picking out the papers to use for the mosaic and by the time the spread was finished you can't tell what they started as anyway but I know what's there. The techniques for the spread were inspired by a recent Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday video ( ). This is my first attempt at water color. It's no where near good but there are so many mediums on the page that most of the water color is covered.

My Book of Days word for 2012 is "intentions". A wise friend recently told me that it's always a good idea that when stating our intentions to also state that you are ready to receive whatever it is you are asking for.

Today I was presented with an opportunity that could turn out to be just amazing. I never thought that the response to the intentions would happen so quickly! I've been reminding myself all afternoon - I am ready to receive.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to be ready to receive the many blessing that come your way.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Vegas Book of Days

I'm a little behind with posting my Book of Days pages. I've been on a 5 day Las Vegas vacation but am back now. The nice thing with this project is that it doesn't have to be an all-consuming project that takes hours of your day. I pre-painted a couple pages before leaving home so all I had to do was write down what happened each day. On the airplane ride to Vegas I was able to finish my January 1st text so I'll start with that:

It's hard to read from the picture but basically we went to a friend's house for a wine tasting party for New Years Eve. After they had us all looped up on 17 different kinds of wine they put darts in our shaky hands and we played a dart tournament. It was lots of fun and no one lost an eye so was all good.

I left for Las Vegas on January 2nd but brought my Book of Days along with me. We had a great time!

My sister in law, Ruby and I spent a couple afternoons walking up and down the strip and through a couple shopping malls. I have never had so many people (kiosk cosmetologists) tell me how old, puffy and wrinkled I look! It got to be I was afraid to make eye contact with anyone that may further shatter my already bruised ego. Really, I'm telling you if you feel like you're thinking too highly of yourself just walk through Miracle Mile or Forum Shops and make eye contact with the cosmetologists - I dare you! Ruby had to call me this morning to tell me I looked like crap just so I wouldn't get a big head now that we're back to 'Minnesota nice'.

Aside from the ego bashing I was in total awe of the architectural eye candy along the strip. One beautiful building after another about had me drooling, the fountain at the Bellagio brought me to tears and the people watching rocked.

We actually went to Las Vegas for our niece, Julia's wedding which was held at Griffin Mansion and performed by an Elvis impersonator (thus the 'Elvis sideburns' in the photo strip above). Julia was stunning, the wedding was lovely and her dad's toast brought tears to my eyes. It was an honor to attend.

Notice how I have not said much about my luck at gambling...

My painted page was full by the time we were flying back home. Luckily I brought markers with me so I just doodled my nervousness away on the flight home. I thought it only fitting that my doodle page started out with a big eye in keeping with all the attention brought to my wrinkled, dark circled, puffy eyes!

As you can see I helped myself to ephemera from our hotel. These journal flaps are the paper coasters under the water glasses in our room. There's also a pocket built into the right side page for ticket stubs, brochures and other small paper keepsakes from the trip.

We had a great time but it's really good to be home. The only thing that stayed in Vegas from me was $37.00 and over a 5 day period I can live with that!

If you are interested in a Book of Days of your own you can join Effy at

Thanks for stopping by...