Thursday, December 22, 2011

Effy's Book of Days - 2012

I am really loving Facebook. I'm still a relative 'newbie' there but I'm having a ball discovering so many new, interesting people and re-connecting with others not seen since high school (way back when).

I am an unashamed FB creeper and honest enough to admit it. I'll be reading someone's status and corresponding comments and find someone that sounds interesting so next thing you know I'm over on their page 'creeping' on them to read more. In my mind creeping is not creepy. I think it's a form of flattery that you find someone interesting enough to want to know more. I am more than happy to have anyone 'creep' on my page - stop in, stay awhile - i'll put the coffee on!

One of the new people I've found on FB is Effy Wild. Effy is wonderfully talented artist, a self-proclaimed mystic and all around amazing person. She is offering a free, year-long art journal/memory keeper class starting January 1, 2012 called Effy's Book of Days. What a huge and generous commitment!

I signed up for the class a few days ago and included with the welcome letter were 2 links to videos showing different journal options. I chose to alter a book (my first altered book) and got it finished this morning.

this is the front cover

and this is the back cover.

We are also to choose a word for the year. I chose the word "intention". I've never been a good goal setter but this past year have realized that by setting small goals and keeping my mind on them they are attainable. Like the quote on the back cover says "Our intention creates our reality". I intend to be a better artist and a better person in 2012.

Thank you Effy Wild for your generosity - I look forward to soaking up everything you share with us this year!

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  1. Oh your cover is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Simply divine dear, keep on creeping on FB, it's so much fun LOL!

  3. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL cover! <3

  4. wonderful journal renee! and by the way - i'm not sure you get any better than you already are. i know i love ya! love the word intention - that is a great word.

  5. Stunning Renee, I am sure your whole journal will be amazing!! Thanks for the link to Effie also!

    Between you and Roc you have just inspired me to start journalling again!

    Congrats on being published also. And finally, hope you and yours will have the most wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. soooooooooo beautiful love your word too!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I signed up for the Book of Days - and it looks like great fun. Your book covers are fabulous! I love all the yummy texture and the color combination is great. I really like to use altered books for my art journaling too, so I am totally inspired by your post. Happy journaling in 2012!


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