Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Girl

So I have to admit - Facebook really is a fun place to hang out. I was holding out on joining until just about a month ago and then finally succombed to the peer pressure. In this particular case it was not so much peer pressure as it was pressure from my kids who were sick of relaying messages to me from their Facebook friends. Now I don't know how I got along for so long without it.

I was reading posts in one of my groups the other day (Magically Mixed Art Community) and spotted a post from Amy McDonald in which she invited me (well anyone really) to come and watch her live mixed media portrait class. Never one to turn down a free invitation I went over to the classroom and, of course, wasn't there at the right time to catch the class LIVE but Amy kindly recorded the session so I was able to watch it at my leisure. She's been doing these live sessions for the past couple weeks and is currently sharing her altered book techniques - you should check it out here.

During one of the sessions Amy talked about Lynne Hoppe and how she admired her work and that Lynne shared her portrait painting technique on her blog. So off I went in search of Lynne Hoppe's blog. What a great place - you really should go spend some time there yourself. Lots of eye candy and inspiration and you can find it here.

While at Lynne's blog I was inspired by her tutorial on the way she paints her faces. I didn't end up using her exact technique because I didn't have all of the same supplies however I was inspired to do a face of my own and that's what mattered to me.

So... thank you Amy McDonald, Lynne Hoppe and, I guess, Facebook for inspiring me to this painting. Now I have to run because it's my turn to move on Words With Friends (on Facebook)!

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  1. Renee - how is there time for anything else, really! LOL. Thanks for all the great links (another excuse to put off those household chores - yay!!). I love your painting, the face is truly beautiful x

  2. what a wonderful piece of artwork!! love it!

  3. hi renee,

    i just want to say thank you for your nice words about the how-to and "you're welcome"! i love what you've done with it.... and i think that's the idea - we take what we want and run with it. we're all growing and expanding and happily creating!

    i wish you many happy hours of creating... : )



  4. Wow, this is wonderful Renee. I think it's so hard to get faces right, but yours is perfect! The background is wonderful too :-)

  5. So much fun to visit your blog! Beautiful work as always!!!!!


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