Friday, August 12, 2011

something new...

You know how you can be going along on your own merry path and all of a sudden you get a wrench in your gears and things go a whole different direction?

My mom, who some of you know is 93 years old and still living alone, was pretty sick this past week. I think it's been coming on for a long time but finally came to a head on Saturday. She'd fallen during the night and had lost 8 pounds in 3 days. My brother and his wife took her to the ER where they put her on IV fluids for several hours, diagnosed a UTI and said she could no longer live alone and we needed to contact a nursing home. Not the news any family wants to hear.

I brought her home with me to recuperate a bit and to give her time to accept the fact that she cannot be on her own any longer. We would have her move in with us but she doesn't want to stay here because all of her friends are 125 miles away. Plus we have 3 dogs and we are messy folk!

Well, feisty woman that she is - the antibiotics have kicked in and she's doing better than she's been in months. She's bound and determined to get back to her apartment. She's making maple frosting for long johns right now and asked if she could clean my stovetop after dinner tonight. I said "heck yes and here's the windex so you can do the windows too"! jk

My siblings and I admire her spunk and yet are often frustrated by it. We caved... she is going back to her apartment tomorrow morning with the understanding that she has to eat, drink and take her meds  every day as well as wear her life alert pendant at all times. Any setbacks and a nursing home will have to be the next step. We're hoping it will work out for her.

So while mom has been here I've not been able to work in my art room so worked on an art journal page from my kitchen table. I thought the easiest thing to use would be water color pencils. I quickly learned that I suck at watercolor so pulled out my acrylics, pan pastels and oil pastel crayons to finish the project. That's fine though because now I know that watercolor is not for me but at least I tried something new.

What about you?

try new things

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  1. Your dear Mum sounds like a very spirited individual Renee and I'm glad she's better now and back home and happy to be where she wants to be - and what a bonus you got your stovetop cleaned - LOL.

    Your journal pages are lovely. I'm no good at the water colours - or acrylics or pastels come to that - but it's fun playing with them anyway!!

  2. I never touched water colors or paint for that matter. But I tried it out and having a ball. Hope your mom stays to be her spunky self! Amazing that she has so much bounce back energy... We can learn from her

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  4. i hope everything works out for your mom and your family renee. i'll be keeping you all in my prayers.


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