Saturday, August 27, 2011

patina grandma

First of all I want to thank Mary Nasser for inviting me to her art blog hop. If that's how you ended up here today - thank you as well! If you arrrived here via some other method click the button on the right to check out some of the other players in the
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Now about Patina Grandma - I started my third Strathmore Visual journal yesterday and wanted to share.

I love the illustrations by Ch Geoffroy and when I saw this one on the left I immediately thought of my husband's grandparents' wedding picture. I see so many similarities between Grandma and the woman in the illustration: her long neck and long nose, hairstyle, veil style, their expressions, and posture to name a few. So that's where the imagery came from.

As I was digging through my stash I found the plastic slide that I treated with a faux patina finish a long time ago and decided that would work. When I found the Webster's definition of patina I knew I had to use it because Grandma, like patina, grew more beautiful with age. I can only guess at that last statement since I didn't meet her until she was 83 but I was blessed to know her for 16 years and in my eyes she only grew more beautiful in her looks, her faith, and her kindness.

Back to the journal page - it is done using acrylic paints, gesso with punchinella and some edging with charcoal pencil and inks. Thank you for stopping by and may you become a beautiful patina as you age as well.


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