Tuesday, July 19, 2011

for the birds...

My bird journal was returned from Stampington the other day. 2 of the pages are in the current issue of Art Journaling magazine but I thought I would share a couple more here.

I will start with the front cover. This started out as a piece of thin cardboard cut from an old gift box. After several layers and a few different techniques it's been tranformed into this:

The letters are made from sculpey clay, alphabet stamps, acrylic paints, inks and glossy accents.

I won't post every page from inside but I will share a couple of my favorites ....

and lastly, you can't forget those beautiful (yet sometimes contrary) blue jays

I hope you will take some time today to notice the birds around you and, as always, 
 thank you for stopping by .....


  1. Hey Renee, I didn't know you had finally succumbed to a blog! It's great to see you in blogland. Love your journal pages here, and I saw your art in Somerset Art Journaling - totally fab!

  2. I can see that the Somerset editors had a tough time choosing what to put into their current issue. These pages are ALL creative and wonderful!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS LOVE those Sculpey letters!!!

  3. Just love your biddy pages, Sommerset chose the right gal to feature!! Thanks for showing that amazing cover.

  4. wow...what a beautiful couple of pages you are showing! that cover is simply amazing!

  5. Your pages are fabulously layered and textured Renee - and congratulations on yet another well deserved publication x

  6. Hi there , i am so in love with your art work, I found you through the art journaling site, and so loved the day you submitted and then went to your flicker and was really taken back you are a incredable artist, and so totally took my breath away with your talent , congradulations on opening the blog and i will be following you i am number 25 , and i am following your flicker , i so love your work , wishes for a creative and fun day
    nice to find you and have a pink rainbow day from georgia from ohio
    ps olease enter me in your giveaway , my private email is georgiarain at live dot com

  7. this is beyond gorgeous, I'm so glad I found you through Flickr I absolutely LOVE your work, much love Jenny


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