Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my first altered envelope

My friend, Roc, has so inspired me with her amazing altered envelopes that I finally broke down and altered one myself. I've been fighting the urge for so long because I was afraid I would really enjoy it and the last thing I need is yet another obsession. However, today I couldn't fight it any longer...

This is my first attempt at an altered envelope. The theme this month is "artist's choice" so I used the background technique by Roben-Marie Smith from the May/June Somerset Studio.

This is a really fun technique. There are so many layers involved that I can't even remember how it looked in the early stages. By the time I was finished with the envelope I had a rainbow of colors on my hands - it was awesome!

I had fun jazzing up the envelope too so I imagine you will be seeing a few more along the way! I have a feeling they're like potato chips - you can't stop at just one :)

Thanks for stopping by...



  1. omg renee...your envelope is amazing! great job! i am pretty sure you'll be hooked very soon!

  2. Your envelope is fantastic Renee - and it so has your stamp on it too - lol! I've never tried altering an envelope before but it does look like fun.

    I received your giveaway bundle today - I absolutely LOVE my new stuff as you call it - lol. Many thanks, I shall enjoy playing with it all. One little complaint though - the envelope was plain!!!! LOL xx

  3. Renee....hard to believe this was your first time!!! Awesome. I look forward to seeing what more you come up with.

  4. thanks ladies - yes, I believe this will not be the last one.

    Sherry, I'm glad your package arrived already - enjoy! you made me chuckle about the envelope:)

  5. Awesome envie, Renee! I still can't believe that you haven't altered one before! Can't wait to see more! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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