Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bird's Nest Soup

I don't think this is quite what they mean when they say "Bird's Nest Soup", just my feeble attempt at humor. Several years ago I bought  a large basket full of mismatched pieces of silverware. I always had good intentions of making wind chimes or something clever with them but, of course, never did. I recently joined an altered cutlery swap so finally got to dig into my basket. Now I don't feel like it's been a waste of time to have dragged it around for years - YAY!

As I was rummaging through the basket this ladle kept coming to the top of the pile so I figured that must be the piece to play with. What a perfect setting for a little bird's nest.

I cut several types of papers into strips and used them to cover the ladle - sort of like when a bird is scavenging for building supplies. There are a few feathers, some ribbons, and some cheesecloth mixed in with the paper strips.

The wings are made with sewing pattern tissue, wire & gel medium. The "joy" embellishment in the center is made with sculpey and painted with acrylics and inks.

The nest is filled with little eggs and a little bird all made with Sculpey Pluffy. This is the first time I've used this type of modeling clay and I will definately use it again. It's very pliable, easily manipulated by hand without getting sore knuckles. I think it may be a bit lighter weight than the original sculpey as well but with these little pieces that really isn't an issue.

I'm so happy to have been able to use something from my treasure basket and so happy to have you stop by to take a look. Come back any time ...


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my first altered envelope

My friend, Roc, has so inspired me with her amazing altered envelopes that I finally broke down and altered one myself. I've been fighting the urge for so long because I was afraid I would really enjoy it and the last thing I need is yet another obsession. However, today I couldn't fight it any longer...

This is my first attempt at an altered envelope. The theme this month is "artist's choice" so I used the background technique by Roben-Marie Smith from the May/June Somerset Studio.

This is a really fun technique. There are so many layers involved that I can't even remember how it looked in the early stages. By the time I was finished with the envelope I had a rainbow of colors on my hands - it was awesome!

I had fun jazzing up the envelope too so I imagine you will be seeing a few more along the way! I have a feeling they're like potato chips - you can't stop at just one :)

Thanks for stopping by...