Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paper Flowers

The multi-talented Ange Lee has graciously shared instructions for making these pretty paper flowers. You can find the tutorial (along with lots of other tutorials and eye candy) on her blog here - http://thesixinchsquare.blogspot.com/

I used assorted sizes of circles to make these and love how they turned out. I may tip them with a little glimmer mist to give them a bit of shimmer and color - not sure yet.

They seem very romantic to me which I  know is not at all my usual style - whoda thunk! I may have to try another batch with bright colors and try to funky them up a little too!

On another note - check your pets for wood ticks. I was so surprised yesterday when we found many deer ticks on our dogs. The snow has barely melted and already the ticks are out. I thought it was way too early but apparently not.

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  1. Wow, Renee! These are GORGEOUS!!!! What a special presentation they'd make on a gift package! Thanks for posting a link for the tut. I'm off to explore! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Fabulous flowers Renee...you've done a wonderful job there and thank you for adding me as a link. I'm so glad you found the tut useful....be warned you can get seriously addicted to making these as they are so easy and quick to do! XXX

  3. beautiful flowers renee. i'm sure you'll find lots of uses for them!

  4. Ange's tutorials are fab - and I LOVE your 'romantic' flowers Renee, gorgeous!

  5. Oh Renee, these are stunning!!! If they are not your style, don't worry, you know my address lol!

    Thanks for the link to Ange, off to explore as soon as I finish this. I've been addicted to making flowers for a while now and love to add new ideas to my little store of how tos, so THANK YOU!!

  6. paper flower i like. and i read your blog so nice and cute. thank you.

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