Thursday, April 28, 2011

my baby is growing up

My son, Zac (my baby) went to Prom a couple weeks ago. His date is one of the foreign exchange students at his school. He's turning into a young man so quickly, right before my eyes.

I remember as a child it used to drive me crazy when the older people would talk about time passing so quickly, where did the time go, this year passed by so fast, etc. Now that I'm one of the old ladies I see exactly what they meant!

It seems like only yesterday we were taking our family vacation road trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I remember thinking we were having such a great time stopping at the Corn Palace, Wall Drug and then ultimately Mt Rushmore. Wow, I thought - creating such wonderful memories. It wasn't until several years later (years which flew by) that I was proofing my daughter's creative writing paper when she was in college and realized the kids had an entire different perspective of that vacation than Wade & I did. They recalled hours and hours spent in the car fighting with each other over who had to sit on the hump in the middle. They saw the Corn Palace as alot of vegetable bits glued on a building. They thought the badlands were great but went on way too long. The highlight of the trip for my daughter was when the snake at the conservatory was dangling directly over my head unbeknownst to me.

I digress (another thing that happens right after the time flies past)! To me it seems like Zac was just a little colic baby screaming for hours and hours on end and now he's become this not-so-little young man that makes me so proud.

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  1. I'm with you Renee - time does fly past so quickly these days!! Lovely memories though (even if your children did look at them differently - lol).

    What a handsome young man your son is - no wonder you're so proud of him. His companion looks beautiful too, what a lovely dress.

  2. i giggled when i read about the different memories of a trip! haha the older we get the more selective our memories become, too. your son is so handsome! his date is adorable and i love her dress. you must be so proud of him!

  3. Renee....I'm not surprised at the "different" least they remember what seemed important to them!! :)
    Love the prom pic...what a beautiful pair!!

  4. .... How cute do they look!.... great to see a picture.

  5. Zac colicky? No wonder he wanted to come with me!!!
    I came here because Terri said you were published in a magazine (not Somerset) and I was hoping to see what you sent in????


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